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What jeans approach you?

Straight lines
the Convenient silhouette which equally well looks both on thin, and on the full. Besides, this model is now very popular so to find jeans of the dream - not a problem.
the price in Murmansk: from 1600 rbl.

Is better sit on polnovatyh women of average and high growth. At low they eat on 3 - 4 sm of growth. Flared jeans any more so are actual today, as couple of years back, but nevertheless while occupy the ambry in fashionable clothes. As style 70 - h - one of the most fashionable trends of this season.
the price in Murmansk: from 900 rbl.

Spacious and equally wide jeans on all length approach thin women. They hopelessly make look fat the others.
the price in Murmansk: from 1800 rbl.

Made narrower from top to bottom
Unfortunately, such style approaches only to owners of a faultless figure. On all the others the trouser-legs made narrower to a bottom look not so. If only you are not going to carry the made narrower jeans with high boots: in this case the footwear will visually counterbalance a silhouette.
the price in Murmansk: from 900 rbl.

Such jeans well underline body lines, moderately fit a figure and are good for those who is not assured of the waist and hips.
the price in Murmansk: From 1000 the rbl.

With a low waist
Is jeans with extreme a belt line - 5 - 6 sm from a waist. Are dangerous that at attempt to sit down foully slip downwards and open to looks of cowards surrounding an elastic band. Well look only on a thin figure and do not approach at whom at least pair of superfluous kgs. On the others such trousers look extremely neestetichno. Besides jeans with too low waist gradually get out of fashion.
the price in Murmansk: from 1200 rbl.

With underestimated on 3 - 4 sm
the Ideal style which perfectly sits on any figure, even on the full. In such jeans it is not necessary to worry about looking out underwear and sticking out butts. The most popular model.
the price in Murmansk: from 1300 rbl.

it is fashionable
Faded, made old, Shabby shades: from dark - brown to reddish, greenish shades, and also classical it is dark - dark blue denim.