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And someone saved for these cars

In two last numbers we have told about barbarous arsons of cars in Novosibirsk ( In Novosibirsk cars of summer residents " burn; In Novosibirsk cars burn. Again ) . Here that our readers think about it.

the Lawlessness full! In a head does not keep within, what for someone could be necessary to burn down another`s cars.

Asya Shestakov, Novosibirsk.

With all the heart it is a pity those people whom for what cars have crumpled. It after all how much, probably, saved to get the car And remained without wheels from - for any mad hooligans!

Egor Murov, Novosibirsk.

Yes as the car can be infected by any illness?! It after all not the person, eventually, and an iron piece!

Alisa Firsova, Novosibirsk.

Also what now to do to usual townspeople who should be left the car in a court yard? Brigades, a leah that, round-the-clock to organise and by turns to protect all cars in a court yard?

Nikita Murzakulov, Novosibirsk.