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The American cats have gone mad: attack dogs and passers-by

In the American small town Randolf that in the State of Iowa, the present state of emergency: local homeless cats rush on dogs and even on passers-by.

As passes RIA News in small town lives only 200 persons. However they have already filled up municipality with complaints, say, vagrant cats prevent to live normally.

Some of the local have promised to understand with cats own forces.

One guy has told that will shoot cats, others suggest them to poison. But it cannot be done in a city - mayor Vans Triveli has told.

the Mayor has thought up to pay for each caught homeless cat on $5. Animals who will not have a collar, will bring to veterinary clinic in the next small town Sydney where them will keep until the owner appears. If nobody arrives, cats will lull.

However, though the idea of the mayor also has come into force with 1 - go March, 2008, local residents as - that reluctantly bring the caught cats - while have brought only 2 - h.