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The hooligan has mined schools in 14 cities of Moscow suburbs

past Tuesday about o`clock in the afternoon in Department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Moscow Region the strange call was distributed. in Moscow suburbs the school 10 " is mined; - the unknown person has informed and was disconnected. Rescuers have immediately shared the information with militia. In the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs were puzzled - a city - in what is dangerous the school, calling did not name. Began to find out in Management of education. It has appeared, cities where there are educational institutions with such number, in Moscow suburbs 14!

In area the work involving all hands has begun. In all suspicious schools have urgently left police squads, rescuers, brigades of doctors. Pupils from Balashikha, Dolgoprudnogo, Dubna, the Wedge, a Krasnogorsk, Lukhovitsy, Mytischi, Noginsk, Orehovo - Zueva, Podolsk, Ramensky, Serpukhov, Himok and Shchelkovo deduced on street directly from employment. In total as a result lessons have shirked About five thousand children. All schools at number 10 have carefully checked up. And in one, fortunately, anything suspicious have not found. Now militiamen search the telephone terrorist .