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novosibirets, denounced on the case of export of corpses, has appealed against sentence

Vladimir Novoselova`s Protection, the chief of Novosibirsk regional bureau of the medicolegal investigation denounced on the case of illegal export of bodies of died people to Germany, has made the complaint in presidium of the Sovereign court of Russia.

Vladimir Novoselova Mihail Kurilov`s Lawyer considers that the sentence should be excellent, and criminal prosecution is completely stopped.

we Will remind that according to the investigation in 2000 of a body of the died people went from Novosibirsk to Germany, in private Institute plastinatsii which known German scientist Gjunter heads a background of Hagens. Charge has been shown only to Vladimir Novoselovu though first on business passed more than ten heads of Novosibirsk medical institutions in which number there was also a rector of Novosibirsk medical academy.

Move-ins categorically it do not agree with the charges put forward against it. According to Kurilova if presidium VS rejects the complaint, the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation and the European court under human rights can become a following stage for the reference of protection, informs RIA Novosti news agency.