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On Svislochi the oceanarium and a delphinarium

Deputies will take place deputies have countenanced the project of a new zoo

Today in Mingorsovete discussed a development of the city next year. Also have decided to allocate $50 million roubles for reconstruction of a capital zoo, informs BELTA.

Hearings about reconstruction went for a long time already. But now it is precisely known that already through 3 - 5 years the Minsk zoo will be transfigured!

In a zoo will construct an oceanarium the World of the sea (roughly on 1 million in l of water) with sea flora and fauna, a delphinarium, a greenhouse, and also pavilion the Night world for mammals and a viaduct with panoramic platforms. In boggy territory will place waterfowls (storks, lastonogih, etc.) . For overland beasts will construct 20 new open-air cages, and territory of a zoo will equip.

the Right and left coast Svislochi will connect the foot bridge which will connect old and new zoos. The basic input will move to a zoo on a crossroads of streets of Machine engineers and Tashkent. The zoo in the days off can accept to 6 thousand visitors!

the New person will get not only a zoo, but also the next streets. The microdistrict Chizhovka will turn to the present zone of rest. In parallel street of Machine engineers restaurants, trading galleries, and also a many-storeyed parking on 280 mashinomest will take place.