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GAI of Tatarstan has urged drivers to exchange as soon as possible the rights

As the deputy chief kontrolno has declared - preventive department UGIBDD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on RT Iljas Galjaviev under the law replacement of driver`s licences should pass time in 10 years. Last time an exchange of the old rights for the new occurred in Russia in 98 - m and 99 - m to year. Nowadays term of their action comes to an end, that is why Management of traffic police of Tatarstan has prepared for the big turns - only this year to an exchange are subject 110 thousand driving licence. In their next year becomes twice more.

to receive new documents it is necessary:

the New rights will be given out in a current of hour. Iljas Galjaviev has urged citizens not to shelve an exchange of the rights. Otherwise for driving under the delayed documents from the driver take the penalty - 2500 roubles - and will send the car on shtrafstojanku.

Gleb postnov,