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Police officers scorn the rights of children

In Kyrgyzstan legal experts became witnesses of how police officers have broken the rights of children. On it inform in PTS Kylym shamy .

In office of the organisation on March, 11th, 2008 in 21. 50 the information that in Alamudunsky ROVD within more than five hours detain the woman with four children has arrived. Through 30 - 35 minutes Aziz Abdirasulova`s legal experts, Nazgul Turdubekova, Zhanyzak Abdirasulov and Dinara Oshurahunova have arrived to regional department of militia where became witnesses of illegal actions concerning minors.

At the moment of arrival of legal experts to building ROVD as it is marked, really were the woman with four daughters and it 42 - the summer brother. According to the arrested person, at it the husband has disappeared. Similar with it happened and earlier, therefore she was converted into militia a week later.

According to legal experts, on March, 11th in the house where lives family disappeared, there have arrived police officers. They have executed a search, then delivered the woman and its four children in ROVD. Mother asked, that children were left by houses, but police officers have ordered to children to sit down in cars.

In ROVD them have seated on different rooms. Minors interrogated without parents and the lawyer. During interrogation all four signed papers. Inspectors who interrogated children, were not represented, their rights and a duty have not been explained children. To them threatened that at a summer residence of false testimonies or in default them will send in a children`s colony.

Legal experts there was a deputy chief of Alamudunsky ROVD Alymzhan Kozubaev. As he said, in territory of area remains of the man have been found. Police officers, as they said, have bases to believe that they belong to the gone husband of the arrested person. In ROVD have assured that have brought a family for an identification. Alymzhan Kozubaev categorically denied the fact of interrogation of children. And that have kept them in a building of militia till the night, has explained to that ostensibly children were afraid and houses one did not want to remain.