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The driver - the condemned man : To me gesture have ordered to sit in place I only has had time to shout to the wife: Hold the child!

the Belarus Internet boils. GAI officers used a board from live people in cars to stop the drunk driver rushing with speed of 160 km/ ch. It has occurred in the evening on March, 2nd on 8 - m kilometre of a line Minsk - Mikashevichi.

Yury PASHKEVICH: the Inspector of GAI saw that with me the wife and the small child...
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To me ordered to take a place in the second number. Has stopped, has tried to leave the car. To me gesture have ordered to sit in place. Has passed seconds 30, and GAI officers suddenly standing ahead have started to run up, - anew endures an event one of victims, Yury PASHKEVICH, the driver of the car of BMW 525 in interview w . It went with wife and the three-year daughter who sat on a back seat. On its car the main blow has had. - I, hardly having had time to see in a mirror Volkswagen flying on us, only and has had time to shout to the wife: Hold the child! .

blow was such force that all back part of our car has developed in an accordion and I have flown the rehouse on the car of GAI which stood on the roadside. After collision with it us has developed on 180 degrees. At me a fuel tank directly under a back seat, in the same place and the accumulator. Understanding that now all of us can blow up, I have there and then switched off ignition and have ordered to the wife to run out. Then has tried to leave itself, but without assistance to me it did not manage to be made. It was necessary to break a door...

To us after all even have not allowed to leave! The inspector of GAI saw that I not one that with me the wife and the small child!

Victims have made complaints in Office of Public Prosecutor.

official reaction of the authorities Today became known.

One of initiators plum in mass-media of the information there was the former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs dismissed in connection with investigation of one of corruption affairs, there are bases not to trust some statements the Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Naumov has declared, informs Interfax .

Any cordon nobody did of cars - the chief of GAI of Minsk Dmitry Korzjuk has told.