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Noga again out of work: Paris has released bills of Bank of Russia

Today the decision of the Parisian Tribunal actives of the Central Bank in the French bank Natixis have been completely released from - under arrest. Protection managed to convince court that the organisation cannot be responsible for debts of the Russian government.

We have achieved the decision of Tribunal of Paris on removal of arrest from means of the Central bank of Russia, placed in the French bank Natixis, at a rate of 50 million euro - has declared RIA News   lawyer Paskal Puplen.

we Will remind that in January of this year under the claim of Swisses court enforcement officers have arrested the Russian actives in France. Among victims - large state structures and the companies: the Ministry of Finance and economic development, Foreign trade and investment bank, Russian Space Department, Rosatom, RIA News Rosoboroneksport and others.

Such actions Noga tries to beat out   At Russia an old debt   - according to Swisses, it totals 68 million euro. Former attempts of arrest of the Russian property abroad terminated in failure for the company.