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Trying to make out a choir of Virgin Maria on the Sun, in India tens people

At least have gone blind, fifty persons have lost sight after have tried to make out a choir of Virgin Maria which, ostensibly, is shown on a solar disk.

Disturbed happened, the authorities of the Indian district Kottajam even have hanged out special posters which deny hearings about the wonderful phenomenon in the sky on vicinities and warn about danger to sight.

But all is vain: past Friday 48 Indians in whom have found out burns of a retina, οεπεδΰεςThe Daily Mail were converted into sacred Joseph`s hospital.

“ at all our patients   a similar story of illness,   identical symptoms. They had photochemical, instead of thermal burns after they continuously looked at the sun “ - the ophthalmologist of hospital doctor Annamma James Isaac has told.

Despite caution of doctors, believers nevertheless continue to visit persistently the house in settlement Erumeli nearby to which, on hearings, and there was a phenomenon of Virgin Maria.