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Novosibirsk on a threshold of a flu epidemic

Thaw has made the business - novosibirtsy have started to be ill more often a flu and ORVI. For last week, from March, 3 till March, 10th the epidemic situation has worsened.

For the specified period it is registered 11619 sick of a flu and ORVI, the gain of number of the diseased has made in comparison with last week - 1826 persons. From the beginning of 2008 it is revealed 83 sick of a flu, including only for last week - 44 diseased. As well as the last weeks check in of a flu is marked among adult population   - 33 cases.
among the cumulative population of a city level of disease, practically,   has come nearer   to an epidemic threshold also has made 83,4 on 10 thousand (epidporog - 84,3). The Wide circulation of an infection is registered among the children`s population - 54,8 % from all diseased. Considerable excess of epidemic thresholds in age groups 3 - on 60,6 % and   is marked 6 years; 7 - 14 years - on 32,4 %.
All for a week it is hospitalised 109 persons that has made 0,94 % from total number of the diseased, including children   - 77 (0,7 %).