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25 years the head cook ate one crackers

with Andrew Forster throughout 25 years ate exclusively crackers.
a photo: The Daily Mail

English head cook Andrew Forster throughout 25 years ate exclusively crackers. As informs The Daily Mail, all this time he has never eaten any of the dishes prepared for it with own hand.

On a broader scale - that I the theorist of meal - that is I know that with what to mix to receive the necessary taste. But I never try turned out dish. For this purpose nearby always someone is, who will estimate on taste - the poor creature tells.

And all business in the original eating phobia, which Forster has got at one-and-a-half-year-old age.

When to me there were 18 months, I have ceased to eat. My mother, having followed to advice of doctors, has decided a little pomorit me hunger in hope that when - nibud I will get hungry and again I will want to eat. But everything that I wanted, it is a pack of crackers .

Thanks to persistence of the bride of the cook and professionalism of the psychotherapist a phobia it was possible - taki to overcome.

Daily I ate two packings of crackers or cookies - admitted 27 - summer   the cook. - and now I can try such tasty dishes. It simply fantasy!