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The cosmodrome has warned Altai: from the sky the piece of the rocket

To March, 15th it is appointed start of the spaceship from Baikonur. The fulfilled steps of carrier rockets will traditionally fall on territory Republics Altais.

- the Population corresponding announcements are notified, hung out - has assured the assistant to head of administration Ust - Kansky area Nina Manikova.

By calculations of experts, a space waste it is fated to land outside of settlements. But ust - kantsy now worry, as though the trajectory of space steps has not changed, and would not arrive weighty zhelezjaka to somebody in a court yard.

The matter is that on February, 5th there was a precedent. A fragment of the carrier rocket the Proton - M the area four and a half metre has failed in a kitchen garden of local shepherd Boris Urmatova. Victims and destructions were not, but the Altaian intends to sue to Russian Space Department for the sum about 1 million roubles for indemnification

Some years ago the space splinter has fallen in a court yard of the inhabitant of the Altay village Korgon cutting in a court yard fire wood. Russian Space Department has paid then to the man of 10 thousand roubles.