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To Omsk club have set fire?

as the basic version of the happened tragedy in Omsk entertaining club the Gold rock where today during a fire four persons were lost, inspectors consider   an arson.

the Experts investigating the reasons of occurrence of a fire, in a greater degree tend to the version of an arson - quotes RIA News the message of the employee a press - services of regional Department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

As he said while also the versions connected with casual handling of fire and malfunction of electroconducting also are not excluded.
the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has added that investigation of causes of the fire took under personal control the prosecutor of the region.

we Will remind that today in 08. 22 local time (05. 22 on Moscow) in a fire brigade the message on explosion and a fire in a two-storeyed entertainment complex along the street 10 - I Solar in Kirovsk district of Omsk has arrived. The second floor of a building where the banquet room and billiard rooms have been located burnt.

25 units of a special equipment took part In fire extinguishing, 134 persons of personal and command structure of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, in 10. 21 local time (07. 21 Moscow time) the fire has been localised, and in 11. 46 (08. 46 Moscow time) it is liquidated - the employee a press - services has told.