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In Office of Public Prosecutor on « requisitions » from a management of educational institution the collective of the Kuban school

Collective of one of schools in Seversky area of Krasnodar territory has complained has complained in Office of Public Prosecutor on requisitions from administration of educational institution.  

In Office of Public Prosecutor of area the anonymous reference of collective of comprehensive school in which teachers have specified on wrongful " has arrived; requisitions from administration of educational institution, informs a portal of the SOUTH. ru.  

Office of Public Prosecutor, having inspected, has established that the principal collected from teaching staff on 1000 roubles on carrying out of certification of establishment. According to the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of area of Inna Plotnikovoj, workers of educational institutions are not obliged to make this sort of payments.

It is necessary to mean that compulsory collecting from the salary of money resources is not lawful, and the administrative document of the head of establishment (if that is available) on collection from workers of establishment of a private money on the actions spent by educational institution, cannot correspond to requirements of the labour legislation. In case of the similar facts and with a view of suppression of possible infringements of the rights be converted into Office of Public Prosecutor - has explained Plotnikova.