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In celebratory night in accident six were lost saratovtsev

the Tragedy which has carried away life of six people, has occurred about two o`clock in the morning on 13 - m kilometre of a highway Saratov - Baltaj. To be exact, villages close Radishcheva of New Burassky area. By the way, under the information which was extended earlier by the regional Ministry of Emergency Measures, this line is considered one of the most dangerous in province, as well as highways Saratov - Syzran and Saratov - Voronezh. In daylight saving time here it is sharp jumps up road accident number. And it is rare when does without victims...
approximately at half past one a.m. on May, 10th on a line Saratov - Baltaj rushed the Zhiguli 14 - j models. Unexpectedly on an oncoming traffic strip there was one more domestic car - VAZ - 21093. Now it is necessary to guess only, a leah was though one chance at drivers to avoid collision. But anyhow, to miss each other legkovushkam it was not possible. While up to the end it is not clear, what of cars moved in a direction to Saratov and what back - fragments of the bent cars have scattered every which way, road sites have been filled in by blood... The rescuers who have arrived on a scene in some minutes, got wounded men and victims by means of the special equipment.
- this blow was catastrophic force. Cars have faced a nose in a nose on huge speed. Separate details of cars have been found in radius of several tens metres, - has informed the person on duty of regional service of rescue.
from salon the nine rescuers have taken six persons. The driver and four passengers have died on the spot. Remained by miracle in live the man has been urgently hospitalised. From the fourteenth the brigade of rescuers has got a body of the lost driver. Its passenger sitting on a forward seat, remained is live, however is in a grave condition.
- under the preliminary information, the driver The nine has left on a counter strip and by that became the originator of road accident, - have informed in regional traffic police.
check is at present spent. The picture of events should be established to experts, - the employee explains a press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of area Denis Zheltov. - it is not known Yet,   a leah there were participants of incident that celebratory night under the influence of alcohol.

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