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In Saratov new city - the manager - Vyacheslav Somov is selected.

that you would wish it on this fast?
Nikolay Aleksejchuk, the veteran of war:
- I want to wish him the best. Successes in work. Let works with full return, as Putin.
Alexander Okunev, the pensioner:
- I would wish it to love our city how we love it, simple inhabitants. After all on the new head depends very many. Look, what at us at the thrown city. Through Volga from us - Engels. Ljubo - expensively to look. It is much purer than Saratov. The owner is necessary to our city.
Nikolay Ostrovsky, the head physician of the Saratov centre thermal defeats:
- Honesty, I know Vyacheslav Leonidovicha even on work in Kirovsk area. And very much him I respect. If it carries out the reforms without thinking about political behind the scenes from it all will win. To people it will be good also to a city it is useful.
Raisa Tisnitsky, the co-ordinator of regional branch Soldier`s mothers :
- I would wish to make so that all seriously undertook garbage cleaning. That Saratov at last - that has begun to shine cleanliness. And that it all has turned to a dump. It is good that in our economy involved investments saratovtsev, instead of foreigners and inhabitants of other regions as it happens often. It would be desirable still that at the new head it was more given habitation for young families on social hiring.
Maria Krasnov, the homemaker:
- we Wish it health and successes. A huge wish that in Saratov was more children`s playgrounds. After all mummies and have to go with the kids. All court yard and platforms are occupied by cars.
Natalia Malinevsky, the manager of the trading company:
- to Take care of our city. To put Saratov in order. To make its beautiful and cosy.
Michael Petrenkov, the reader of our site:
- It would be desirable to wish the new head of patience. As it still is required to it. And still the wish - that to people was pleasant to live in this city. That they wanted to come back here from holiday, to work and have a rest on Volga, to walk on quay.