Rus News Journal

And you when last time paid for apartment?

Vladimirs SERGEYS, the lieutenant of militia:

- Here, before May feasts has paid. On a broader scale I try to pay always in time, where - that in 20 - h numbers of each month. And what for to itself superfluous debts to acquire? But should tell that after increase of tariffs, at me the rent for one-room apartment has grown on 200 roubles: paid 700, and now 900.

Nikolay PETRACHKOV, the pensioner:

-   you the question in deadlock have put me We with the grandma of 50 years we live in one apartment and we pay always regularly. Even if pension at the wrong time paid.

Sergey BOSIKOV, the trainer on track and field athletics:

- Yes here now I gather. Every month to 11 numbers it is necessary to give to me for one-room apartment of 1800 roubles, moreover 300 - for light. Such at us in Berezovsky of the quotation! And if in time not to pay - a fine will add, here and it is necessary to find from the family budget 2100 monthly. At our salaries is very considerable sum.

Marina SKRIPCHENKO, the free artist:

- For me it is a sore point! Here again since February it is not paid under an abacus Horror any! And these workers ZHEKa to me go every month and kvitochki carry with a reminder. That should so much, in a month already other sum. It is difficult to pay, when official work is not present also constant earnings. And to be arranged where - that I do not want, I after all the artist, me it is necessary to create, and kommunalshchiki it cannot understand Well, there will be money - will begin to cry, what for me to terrorise?!

Alexander Borisovich, the doctor:

- And I last three on a broader scale for it do not cry month. With the wife have run up, I to it have left apartment with the child. Itself now I rent a room in a hostel. Here for rent to crying, yes. On seven thousand a month, and owners already understand with utilities.

Evgenie neshev, the director promo - groups:

- Yes two days ago went for it, darling, the tax to give. Only has bought, and with already such sums for it I pay off. However, the living space it is excellent, how much it would be not necessary to spread for it then.

Feodor peresypkin, the engineer:

- Is not present, well for a foolish question you think in this situation at   me there is a choice? Or such choice is at everything, except me