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Yury Shevchyuk and Zemfira pictures from dry leaves

the Unusual thesis should be protected to the student of a correspondence education department of the Bashkir state pedagogical university of a name of Akmully, the inhabitant of October Gulnare Falljahovoj. Before the commission it will protect the pictures - Yury Shevchyuk`s portraits, Zemfiry, Mustaja Karima and Rudolf Nureeva.

- These people for me there are some family, - the artist speaks, - and native always easily it turns out and is very sincere., For example, I listen many years to Shevchyuk`s songs, they very much are pleasant to me, and books of Mustaja Karima I love.

the thesis of Gulnara has executed unusual technics which is called floristics is a mosaic from the dry leaves attached to plywood. Images varnish, and they look the paint is not worse at all.

The Spadework has occupied from Gulnary of more half a year - after all it was necessary to be defined with persons, to draw the sketch, to collect leaves and to dry up them. And it was necessary them much - for example, a portrait of Mustaja Karima of one and a half metre in height. And here it did a definitive variant hardly more month. As the artist admits, worked every day since morning till the late evening.

- we had for a long time an idea to make gallery of known people, and their list big, but the problem what not all these people have good qualitative photos or portraits, - speaks supervisor of studies Gulnary, the teacher artly - graphic faculty BGPU of Akmully Rustjam FATKULLIN. - Gulnara - the girl capable and as the head I consider that its work is worthy estimations perfectly .

And you whom in a picture would draw the QUESTION of DAY?

Lejsan ZUBAIROVA, the TV presenter:

- it would be quite good to immortalise our veterans of the Great Patriotic War. All - taki them becomes every year ever less

Andrey SOVENKO, the surgeon:

- Well, after Zemfiry and Shevchyuk the most important a celebrity Bashkiria is our nature, she and should be drawn. I would not refuse to have the house a couple of the Bashkir landscapes, to leave where - that seldom it is possible, and to admire, for example, Inzer, sometimes very much it would be desirable.

Veronica EFREMOVA, the hairdresser:

- I by all means would draw Ernest Muldasheva! At this doctor able fingers, and it has become famous for the talent almost to all Europe. I consider that he merits it.

Sergey NEKRASOV, the director of park of M.Gafuri:

- Certainly, Mazhita Gafuri! The perfect poet, the most worthy person and the present pride of republic!

Alexander KLIMENKO, the realtor:

- I suggest to embody the Bashkir bees! After all our honey   - the most tasty and useful, all love it. It is appreciated not only in Russia, it is eaten even with cosmonauts in an orbit! So by all means our winged truzhenits it is necessary to note!

Larissa HAZIAHMETOVA, the student:

- I Suggest to draw ensemble of a name of Fajzi Gaskarova! Magnificent dancers. Others such in Bashkiria are not present.

Rustem ARSLANOV, the young drummer:

- Certainly, group the Lumen ! Our children are popular and do excellent music. I am assured, as all youth of a city in this question completely supports me.