Rus News Journal

The Soviet goods - the best!

in Soviet period behind the import goods always there was a mad obstacle race. As the quality symbol the fact of foreign manufacture already was considered. But what there said, much from this that let out in the USSR, ministered to the owners decades. And now at many grandmothers on kitchen diligently hoot 30 - summer refrigerators and approximately rinse linen washing machines.

the Linen linen remains from wedding

- To us with the husband on wedding have presented some complete sets of bed-clothes from flax, on - to mine, the Belarus manufacture, - Svetlana Bakumova from Voroshilovsky area remembers. - it is so much years this linen to us ministers! Any hole! And what it soft and gentle! About three years ago to me on birthday have presented expensive double set of bed-clothes: a colouring bright, drawing in Japanese style. Also what you think? Now this linen looks as if to it of years 20. So it is insulting: also has faded, both holes have appeared, and a fabric istonchilas. And what cups and spoons at us were beautiful, painted under hohlomu samovars, teapots! Perhaps such ware now also is not pleasant to youth, but it was saved by well and Russian spirit impregnated.

In the Soviet pan and the borsch is more tasty!

- On all good goods there was a quality symbol, - Larissa Timofeeva, the inhabitant of Dzerzhinsky area has shared with us. - if the pentagon costs, means, it is possible not to doubt - a thing good! On a summer residence the TV " till now works; Horizon 1982 of release and a radio receiver Ocean bought in 1973. And still I have a frying pan which belonged to my grandmother. It will give odds to all teflon beauties! You bake on it pancakes, and they and otprygivajut, kartoshechka the golden does not stick. At me till now in operation a set of aluminium pans with cornflowers, it
23 years. Let out their our Volgograd aluminium factory. In them and the borsch is more tasty. In a sideboard I have a porcelain service on 12 persons, to which 47 years! Our ceramic factory made convenient ware: almost in each family there are ceramic pots with lids for roast.

Puffs, as new, a cockerel. Come on seagulls!

has in vain left with the Seagull - vacuumed as a beast

- I had a vacuum cleaner the Seagull Which I have bought in 1985, - Irina Borisova from the Central area has written to us, - it looked, as the rocket, such extended form. Vacuumed as a beast! In 2001 I have given to its acquaintances on a summer residence, not because it began to work badly, and is simply morally obsolete. And so, in this time I have replaced already a couple of modern vacuum cleaners. And my acquaintances use till now that the Seagull and not simply vacuum, but also bleach with its help. And still my pride - the typewriter Ljubava to it only years 20. But as the newcomer - though now to scribble sit down. The juice extractor of manufacture of factory " works; Akhtuba and even there is an exclusive samovar in the form of a cock. Too works!

Soviet - means, excellent!

the Inquiry

the Well-known Soviet quality symbol has appeared in 1967. The goods applying for its assignment, passed double examination. At first it was tested by checking departments at manufacturer, and then severe members of state commission according to requirements exacting Soviet STATE THAT. In white papers spoke that the pentagram urged to remind of five basic criteria of quality of a product: reliability, availability, security, an aesthetics and innovation.

That our readers have still told to us...

Vladimir Artamonov, the Soviet area:
- Often I hear: you when will replace the trough? I long on to Volga I go, and by this car always felt myself in security. And quality and a thickness of metal were much better, than at many modern cars now. In general, I am assured - any foreign car with ours Volga it will not be compared!

Galina Petrovna Pavshenjuk, the Central area:
- At my place there are hours on which though Big - Ben verify. These are hours Amber the Oryol watch factory, 1971 of release. Then for them has paid 45 roubles. They are got by a key. Hours for 37 years never were under repair.

Svetlana Siroshtan, the Central area:
- the Soviet electrorazor " Till now works; Agidel . At the familiar seamstress saw the pig-iron iron of the Soviet period, it irons out it rigid fabrics. Bicycles were excellent: the Stork Kama the Schoolboy . For kids a tricycle the Down . In a court yard at us children still go for a drive on them! And they it is a hundred times better, than Chinese.

Vyacheslav Sergeevich Safonov, the Central area:
- the Refrigerator ZIL - Moscow issued at factory of a name of Lihacheva, we have bought already in 1973. Its 35 years all these never repaired.