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Use, people, our System - reception of payments without the slightest problem

that in our city there was a unique electronic System of reception of payments the City - Volgograd allowing in a mode one window to pay municipal and any other services, we wrote repeatedly. (Last material see from 21. 04. 2008 and a site http:// www./). We will remind that this project has introduced one year ago the Regional centre of electronic payments together with a city administration and a number of service providers. Then the pilot cash centre in Kirovsk area has been opened. And already today System the City is a large, stably developing project into which enters RTSEP, ten credit organisations and more than fifty service providers. In a city all is created more than hundred points of reception of payments, and with additional offices of banks three hundred where it is possible to pay almost all services: Housing and communal services, gas, phone, cable television, cellular communication, the Internet, the on-door speakerphone. And it is far not a limit. The system is capable to include much more. There would be a desire!

With System the City - Volgograd to pay for services - it is a pleasure!

- We with pleasure invite to cooperation of all service providers and the commercial organisations interested in gathering of payments, - general director RTSEP Oleg SERENKO speaks . - Our System gives the chance not only to involve in itself new clients at the expense of additional service, but also to have the stable income.

Without efforts and turns
All it becomes to facilitate ours with you life and to save our money and time. After all payments in System are spent quickly, without turns, and, the most important thing, without the commissions! Thus it is completely not obligatory to have at itself the receipt, it is enough to name a surname and the address. To bring payment it is possible as selectively in parts, advance payment, and it is proportional. Also it is possible to underpay or overpay any sum. And even to extinguish debts. Important! To carry out payment it is possible in any cash centre where you were now. By the way, the System assumes payment not only through cash desk. In a city some terminals on reception of money are established. One cache - in is in Broadcasting Company Park the House . The second cache - in - in passport - visa service Krasnoarmejsky area on street Brest, 19. The third - in user`s department of Open Company Volgogradregiongaz to the address: street Academic, 14/ 1.

to pay the credit - it is easy!
But while it only in prospects.
- today to pay the credit without problems - the whole history, - Oleg Mihajlovich shares. - to make payment in time, it is necessary or to go to the central office, or to search for a cash dispense as in other banks for this service from you take percent. Additional offices do not rescue position. People lose a lot of time, nerves and time of money for any penalties and the commissions. Especially it is inconvenient, if the person lives in area. RTSEP is ready to offer the decision of this problem. Having entered System, banks and their clients only will win. In - the first, all payments are spent in a real time mode, therefore delays and penalties are excluded. In - the second, it is created more places where it is possible to pay the credit. And it is interesting to person to take the credit there where then it will be easy and to give it without delays.

- We already carry on negotiations with several Volgograd banks, - Oleg Serenko has underlined.

we Move to area
Inhabitants of Volgograd already have estimated all advantages of System and with pleasure it use. In the near future the project will come and to area. Already today the basic consent from heads of the regional centres - Uryupinsk, Mikhailovka, the Kalatch and Nikolaevsk is received. Besides Open Company Volgogradregiongaz in the user`s departments including in area, has already established the System software the City allowing to carry out to local residents payments for services in one place.
- with the company respected by us Volgogradregiongaz it is very pleasant to work, - Oleg Mihajlovich speaks. - Using our technologies, they do all that to their subscribers it was more convenient, and we are from its part ready to help them in all.  
more the detail information by phone: (8442 444 - 222, http:// www. sg v. ru/

- Any service provider knows Opinion of the expert what to place a point of payment near to the place of residence of each subscriber it is impossible it is unprofitable, - the assistant to the general director of Open Company " speaks ; Volgogradregiongaz Svetlana GORELOV . - At the same time, besides quality of rendered services, consumers appreciate comfort and ease of dialogue with the supplier. Fine realising it, last year our company has made decision to enter in federal system of payments the City . We were glad to possibility repeatedly to expand the network on gathering of payments. Now inhabitants of the regional centre can pay all spectrum of services in user`s departments Volgogradregiongaz and also to pay off for gas supply in points of reception of partners in System. We are happy with results of cooperation.

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