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Last call not an occasion to drink beer

On five naive questions on a feast Nina CHERNOVA, the head of department of education of a city responds .

1. Why Last calls arrange so early?

- Because already on May, 16th schoolboys start to pass the Unified State Examination. The first examination will pass on a foreign language. It becomes on-line, therefore and feasts at all schools have transferred with 25 - go May on 12 - e. Unified State Examination delivery will come to the end on June, 11th. So graduation parties can be spent in habitual terms.

2. Than the feast this year will differ still?

- Last calls will pass exclusively within the precincts of schools. And to come off children can strictly with 16. 00 to 21. 00. All feast schoolboys will be under vigilant supervision of teachers and parents - the last we too have obliged to be on duty at schools.

Where - that the fifth part of the Kemerovo schools is going to organise to graduates of excursion on a city, in a museum the Red Hill in memorial estate Tomsk pisanitsa . But these trips will pass too at the appointed time and accompanied by militiamen and employees of traffic police.

That is to leave druzhnoju crowd of schoolmates on street and to walk without adults how earlier, it will not turn out at anybody Why such austerity measures? It is connected by that henceforth under the law of the person till 16 years cannot be without supervision in the street during the period since ten evenings till six mornings. And if in nine evenings of a door of each school will be closed, children will just have time to arrive home in an hour

3. And it will be possible to drink?

- No alcohol on a feast should be.   To heads of the shops located near to schools, it is offered to pay this day special attention on buyers of alcoholic drinks. If the minor - not to sell in nowise. Also on May, 12th it is forbidden to trade in drinks, even nonalcoholic, in glass bottles.

4. So Who is a lot of restrictions will watch performance of all rules?

- In - the first, militiamen who always keep order in our streets, this day will be especially vigilant. Also the commemorating course will be watched by specially created mobile groups. On streets cars with psychologists, social workers, employees of the Department of Internal Affairs will drive about. Sense in that even the admitted any infringements teenagers this day have not got to militia, and have been brought by mobile group to parents. We will check also that occurs in schools. By the way, prior to the beginning of a feast all school buildings will examine about security from a fire, act of terrorism.

5. What threatens the teenager if its all - taki will find in the street after ten evenings with a cocktail jar?

- It will get home. And here to his parents administrative measures of punishment will be already applied. They should pay the penalty to 3000 roubles.

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in Kemerovo will work on May, 12th a city staff. All information on a commemorating course Last calls will operatively arrive. Became the witness of incident with participation of schoolboys?

will call by phone (384 - 2) 36 - 46 - 19 !