Rus News Journal

has congratulated the Ekaterinburg veterans

Veterans were glad to warm reception.
a photo: Vladimirs ANDREYS.

Guests of honour were waited by memorable gifts, performance of a propaganda team of a grammar school
94 and the main thing - quiet dialogue among themselves.

over a cup of tea veterans have got to talking. For each of them war began on - to a miscellaneous, but it was terrible all.

at 88 - summer Boris Gladkov all chest in orders, but it something is similar to the kind school teacher and tells about exploits avariciously and simply:

- Me have called in 1940 and sent under Brest. Ministered in artillery. I remember, in 1943 - m left on superior forces of Germans. Unequal fight was fastened. At that time I was at a staff and have obtained the order to deduce classified documents in a safe place. That I under fire of the enemy also have made. For it distances the Red star .

And Boris Gladkov has met victory in Kenigsberge whom fighters for 4 days took storm, having suffered bad losses.

marine Vladimir Osipov in the 86 years looks is surprisingly tightened, though goes with a cane. He admits that from front could not return on a broader scale:

- When in 1941 - m went towards front, along horizon there was a continuous glow. Villages burnt. It seemed then that we move to the scorching heat. And it is fascists, and ours, receding, burnt villages, - Vladimir Osipov has started to tell. - the place of Krapivino Was remembered. Our planes in the sky then was not, only enemy. They freely flied, bombing and shooting us. But me has carried to survive, and sanbat where I then was contused, has managed to leave an environment.

after hospital Vladimir Osipov has asked for marines. And already as a part of 69 shooting brigades has gone on Northern front. Protected Murmansk, now in 35 kilometres on the West from this city there is a so-called valley of death. There without remainder polegla one German division. Then there were fights in Norway, Poland, Czechoslovakia after the next contusion Vladimir Osipov met Victory already in the Lvov hospital.

a word has carried continually met in speeches of the veterans remembering the front years, being treated with a pie with victorious symbolics.

up to victory good luck and to the most elderly veteran who has glanced on a visit to " smiled; - to 93 summer Paul Avdeev. War has found it in a city White, near to Moscow where its battalion has got to an environment. There was a late autumn, there were frosts. From a copper it was possible to escape after eight days of fights only by miracle.

- till now I consider on October, 15th second birthday, - Paul Merkurevich, opershis on a cane speaks. - I the fighter began 2 motor-rifle battalions of 1 Krasnoznamennogo of the mechanised case. And here victory met near Berlin the hospital attendant of a separate medical company. Did not drink, did not smoke and till now I consider, what exactly therefore I till now standing - the guards do not surrender. And the unique correct exit now - to live further.

has presented to visitors gifts. All the most necessary: money, products.

second-graders of a grammar school 94 too have not stood aside. Having waited, while veterans will have a good long talk, have handed over them cards which have made the hands. It would Seem, a kickshaw, but participants of that great war have been moved to tears.

- as it is good that these cards not store, but self-made, - the veteran of the Great Patriotic War Olga Raskostova be touched. - It is visible that with soul. At the front I was komsorgom, conducted diary records, let out wall newspapers. So all it is close to me.
Olga Raskostova began war pulemetchitsej and some years reflected attacks of fascist planes near Moscow. In its stories till now slip professional words zenitchitsy:

- I saw victory salute. The sky as if have lined gradusnoj a grid, and on it - red flowers in greens frame have started to reveal and to die away. And so thirty minutes. Never I will forget. And on war I after all have got to 18 years together with the first echelon of the Ural girls - members of the Komsomol.

smoothly from conversation on fighting companions and the first days of victory conversation of veterans has passed to a health subject.

till now the armourer 127 istrebitelnogo a regiment last from Stalingrada to Berlin, Nikolay Mitjunin strong looks. He has shared the secret of vivacity:
- not to drink and not to smoke - here the most important thing. Hundred gramme of vodka - only in a Victory Day and in New year. And, certainly, there is more than movement, the pedestrian walking. Skis besides. I here have stopped to pitch cigarettes after Victory. Both has pledged, and did not break it. Here also I am was insolent, cling to life, to disappear - that there is no place! - the veteran - the armourer has burst out laughing.
all have agreed with it.