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In residential area of Kemerovo the warehouse with fireworks

Inhabitants of houses in the street Krasnoarmejsky hardly has not blown up have woken up at two o`clock in the morning from strange sounds. In the street something roared, banged, cracked

- As though set of explosions, one after another! The first thought was that war   has begun!

People ran up to windows, jumped out on balconies. It has appeared, the brick extension to known office building on Krasnoarmejsky, 120 burns (there the restaurant " still settles down; Provincial ) . And the sounds similar to ruptures of shells, reach therefrom.

- So after all distance to our house less than nothing! - tenants of three next houses have got a fright on - to the present.

Firemen have called instantly, and in four minutes to a scene fire-engines already gathered. It was found out that the pyrotechnics warehouse blazes, and in a building blows up that other as celebratory rockets and crackers. However, to capture all combined production fire was not in time, has extended from within on a roof and walls. And after all arrive a call in 01 later, all fireworks Neighboring houses could blow up would remain at least without windows.

On a fire seven fire-fighting crews worked, and also it was necessary to call a special equipment - a huge autoladder and the lift. Extinguished long - the half-fourth morning firemen still worked with might and main. A warehouse filled in with water through windows, from a roof, have opened a door

Why the storehouse of fireworks has lighted up? The Ministry of Emergency Measures assumes that business in electroconducting short circuit.

However anyway there is a question: unless it is not necessary to have storehouses of explosive substances far away from apartment houses and it is exact not in city centre?  

And At this time

For feasts in Kuzbas there were 48 more fires

One person - was lost, two - have suffered.

it was not possible to Rescue inhabitant Anzhero - Sudzhenska who has poisoned with carbonic oxide at a fire in a country house. Also apartment houses burnt in Novokuznetsk and Kaltane, but there firemen managed in time to pull out owners from flaring walls.

And in the Factory disctrict of the city of Kemerovo in a court yard of the private house has burnt down the truck Kamaz and garage. The owner Kamaza now is in hospital with heavy burns. The man was engaged in gas welding in several tens centimetres from an open petrol tank

the Photo gallery from a fire place here