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Sadists in blue helmets

Journalists of the Swedish television closely were engaged in business which can seriously damp reputation both French, and Swedish elite parts of a special purpose which in the summer of 2003 participated in peace-making operation of EU in Congo. In runtime of this mission the French soldiers tortured the young Congolese in the face of the Swedish colleagues. And anybody from officers has not interfered to stop tortures.

Almost five years the Swedish and French military men were silent about this incident. The military men, torturing the African, not only have not incurred any punishment, but also have been awarded by fighting orders.

But the mental traumas put to the Swedish soldiers, have appeared so strong, as after the lapse of five years they are tormented at night by nightmares. To get rid of this delusion, they and have decided to tell to journalists as it was.

In 2003 the European union has directed to Congo 1800 soldiers from the different European countries with peace-making mission. The operation purpose consisted in stopping a bloody slaughter-house in a province of Ituri where the contradictory militarised groupings terrorised and killed civilians. The basic loading on protection of civilians has dropped out on the French special troops with which the Swedish soldiers closely co-operated and were on one base. On idea, Scandinavians should adopt tactics and strategy of operations at more skilled French members of spetsnaz.

In one of July days 2003 Frenchmen have detained young 17 - the summer Congolese, almost the teenager. The connected guy have brought on French - the Swedish military base Than - Than.

Frenchmen some hours interrogated the captive, tortured it. For example, to it have blindfolded and feigned utoplenie in a butt filled with a marsh swill. All it occurred in the face of the become stupid Swedish peacemakers. One Swedish soldier, the witness of those events, has told to journalists: Sometimes I wake up at night and I hear shouts of that guy. They remind squeal of a cat which someone smothers. Those who assert that they heard nothing, say lies .

After the tortures lasting many hours passing under the direction of the commander of the French contingent, the captive have led to staff tent where the French and Swedish officers conferred. The Congolese have forced to the knees and have pressed faced to the earth. Then the French officer simulated its execution, having put a pistol to a head of the young man.

At midnight Frenchmen have put on to the captive a head a bag, have thrown it in a jeep and where - that have taken away. Its further destiny is unknown.

the Swedish general Johan Kiel which journalists have asked to comment on the given incident, has told literally the following: This obvious infringement of human rights and rules of conducting operations. This crime. It was no activity on information reception, and obvious terror .

Some the Swedish soldiers shocked with tortures of the captive, asked the commander of colonel Hans Alma to interfere. Alma`s colonel all saw and heard, but has made to stop nothing tortures.

Next day Hans Alm has informed the soldiers that he has talked to the French colonel to whom has told that the Swedish military men have not got used to the similar reference with the captured. And if for Frenchmen of torture is a norm let they torture the captives so that Swedes saw nothing and did not hear.

the Swedish soldiers were satisfied with explanations of the commander. One of them has written the official report about incident in which has in detail described tortures of the captive. He wanted to send the official report in a general staff of the Swedish armed forces to Stockholm, but Alma`s colonel has forbidden it it to do. He has told that has concluded with the French colonel the gentleman`s agreement about incident nondisclosure.