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Long-awaited An, Vu and Tanechka

Ekaterina Stepanova was the most enviable bride in a class - all strictly on the classic of a domestic cinema - the sportswoman, and simply beauty. The perspective bride was looked after not by one boy from Factory area
in marriage nevterpezh
However beauty Ekaterina was unapproachable, she precisely knew that in marriage leaves only for Volodju Stepanova. And let a subject of Katinyh of dreams what did not guess yet, the little girl has been assured - she has already met the prince: here he sits on a shop in the company and blinks from the bright spring sun.
and it has turned out. After Katin`s couple of years mum has led with the daughter educational discussion supposedly get education, take your time with children . Also has gone to the Factory registry office to sign the corresponding permission. Ekaterina has executed the mum`s order and has exceeded - it not only has left school, but also has entered technical school and even has received prestigious for those times a speciality - the lawyer - the jurist of an average link, was arranged on factory for interesting work - the auditor of internal checks.
- in spite of the fact that we with Volodej were very young, when have got married, - Ekaterina speaks, - in our life there were no unbridled passions, I literally since first minutes, having seen it in the general company, has understood: here my half, more nobody is necessary to me, and Vladimir says that felt the same.

to An and Vu wait will not wait, when their little sister will grow and will start to play with them.

In a word, some years young family Stepanovyh has lived in atmosphere of absolute happiness - young enjoyed the friend the friend, planned on the future.
- we for ourselves have solved at once, - Ekaterina continues, - that with children at first we will wait - to begin with it is necessary to equip a life, on feet to rise, and then children to get.
however after almost eight years early in the morning, before leaving for work of Katerina has put before the husband the test for the pregnancy, showing two treasured blue strip. Uh you!. - only Vladimir also could utter.
these two usual strips bearing to pregnancy, for Stepanovyh have appeared, frankly speaking, prophetical: having come on ultrasonic in the put seven weeks, Ekaterina has learnt that kids at it will be two.
the rainy day
- you Represent, - young spouses were whispered at night, - as it would be healthy, if the boy and the girl were born at once. We become at once the present, high-grade family.
pregnancy at the future mum Ekaterina Stepanovoj proceeded just as under the textbook - a nausea in the first trimester, on the twentieth week kids have started to move, on 24 - j Katya with the husband, as well as it is necessary, have gone on planned ultrasonic.
- look, daddy, here your boys, see - a heart of one boy, here the second fights, - the doctor accurately drove on big Katinomu to a stomach the gauge of the device of ultrasonic, - healthy such boys, sleep while.
- That there it is possible to see, - Volodja was surprised, - anything is not clear, and on a broader scale you are assured what is boys, whence know?
this day after six years they on - former prefer not to remember, it was last happy afternoon of family Stepanovyh.
After four weeks at them other life has begun... Katerine it became bad towards evening, a picture classical: pulls a stomach bottom, it is impossible to fall asleep. Have called fast doctors have brought the future mum to one of the Saratov maternity homes, there have diagnosed - nevynashivanie pregnancy . Katya have put on preservation.
in two weeks the situation and has not improved. To Ekaterina became even worse. Doctors tried to stop process, and for this purpose some days pricked the future mum specialised preparations. When it became clear that position is not normalised, have decided to operate differently - distances an opposite preparation on action and stimulated childbirth.
30 weeks - age critical were Katin to twins at that point in time: children who were born with such degree nedonoshennosti, extremely seldom survive. Boys have survived, but became invalids - at children heavy form DTSP (spastic tetraparez), patrimonial traumas, and as consequence - a delay in development. Today, after six years, Vovochka and Andrjusha speak syllables, sit with support, stand boys cannot. Absolutely.
- I at first long tried to search guilty, did not believe that could occur to my children such, - Ekaterina, - but then speaks, know, has calmed down, has understood that it is not necessary to be picked the past, it is necessary to live future, as it at us very much not idle time. And not before to me, to tell the truth, - guilty to search, on feet it is necessary to put boys to me.
Though if to speak frankly, about such happiness how to put children on feet, Ekaterina Stepanova does not dream today any more. She absolutely really looks at life and understands what to lift children with such pathology it is impossible. So problems before a family of Stepanovyh stand rather real and concrete - to teach boys to serve itself, independently to sit and, maybe, to move on stenochke or with spetsprisposoblenijami. That to boys it under force, do not doubt family Stepanovyh.
Here it is necessary to distract and tell slightly that, despite all troubles, they remained together.
Vladimir Stepanov who has amazed heart of fourteen-year Kateriny, has really appeared the present prince. Many fathers, it having appeared in such hard situation, prefer to begin all anew - without the sick child and his mother. Vladimir at all did not consider such variant. One word - the prince!
to An and Vu
In spite of the fact that boys were born with a difference three minutes, at them absolutely different characters.
Andrey, it An (while boys talk syllables), - younger, very much likes to play board games: The boy has mastered cubes, has learnt to collect multi-coloured piramidku, with might and main tries to creep. Vovan, it to Vu, - the senior, present thinker, to it to liking quiet games, with pleasure reads books, tries to draw and has learnt by heart two uneasy children`s verses about the Fly - Tsokotuhu and Doctors Ajbolita.
- We develop, but more slowly, than it would be desirable. Be at us the specialised equipment, allowing to fix children in a sitting position, it would be much easier. We had a specialised chair with fastenings, (one for two) but we grow, and today these two units do not fit to us even a nose, - mum Katya continues, - so now we manage by own strength.
however to manage by own strength Stepanovym not to get used. When to boys was year on one and a half and two and a half a year, they went in the Tula clinic (there by a new technique by means of operations remove to children spastiku muscles) where it have made two courses, but boys then were too small, and today results from this operation already it is not visible almost.
A bit later they went to Moscow, to the well-known professor Semenovoj, lay in specialised clinic, went on LFK, but all it was possible until boys were less, now to drag two boys to Ekaterina not under force.
and Katya during any moment suddenly has accurately understood: the most part of the techniques guaranteeing fast treatment DTSP, can not bring expected results.
- DTSP it is not treated, it is possible to achieve only considerable improvement, it is possible for something to teach the child, and here it is impossible to cure absolutely, - Katya is assured. - for this reason now we have gone on a traditional way: massage, swimming, gymnastics, specialised armchairs. And to transform boys into guinea pigs I do not want. We will be treated by traditional methods as the result is.
to continue to develop, those specialised armchairs are necessary to boys. Their cost - about 150 thousand roubles, the sum for a family with three children, two from which disabled from childhood, you see, very heavy.
why with three, ask? All the matter is that this year the family of Stepanovyh has dared, according to many, on a desperate step - have given birth to charming girl Tanechku. Mum and the babe feel perfectly well.
to An and Vu with impatience wait, when the little sister will start to creep - to play three together, you see, much more cheerfully.
- Andryukha to me helps to stack a daughter, - tells Katerina, - Vovchik near to a bed sits, when she does not sleep, books reads. Such here we a family.

Means for Andrey and Vladimir Stepanovyh`s treatment we ask to transfer into account fund:
the Short name
NBF the Hope Ray
an INN/ a check point 7703392587/ 770301001
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r/ sch 40703810300000000045
in KB Joint-Stock Company MBHHS Moscow
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the payment Purpose - a charitable payment for Andrey and Vladimir Stepanovyh.