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National exhibition of dogs in Khabarovsk

On Sunday at stadium the Dynamo the exhibition of dogs of all breeds of a rank " has taken place natsionalna; the Champion of the Russian film logic federation (RKF). Its participants became more than 700 barking pupils of every possible breeds and colours. All well-groomed and trained. On this feast - competition keen dog breeders have brought the favourites in cars, trains. Well and to someone the way lay even by the plane. They have arrived from Blagoveshchensk, Ussuriisk, Komsomolska - on - the Cupid, Vladivostok, Sakhalin, Angarsk. The jury has arrived from Moscow and Kazan.

- the Main requirement to participants - family tree presence, - the organizer of an exhibition, chairman HGOO " tells Svetlana TITOV; Khabarovsk Kennel - club . - For this purpose we also convince potential dog breeders to get pupils in clubs, instead of in the markets. And such competitions - possibility to choose suitable breed. One business to see an animal on a picture, absolutely another - in life. Here both temperament, and bents, and the sizes. In general, all clearly.

participants Having a tail have divided, as usual in the international classification, on ten breeding groups. Performances passed on four rings (specially fenced platforms).

Stirring before an exit was felt. And not the comic. And, were stirred not only owners, but also four-footed pupils. Even the shiver scolded other dogs, because, that so many their relatives have gathered.

Each dog should be run together with the owner on a circle and show the to become in movement. A leah a leah then at psinok checked a correct bite and all teeth on a place. Well and last test there was a rack during which time the jury estimated addition of the four-footed.

the Best in the class of representatives have awarded with Tsatsom is a certificate of quality of breed. In the excellent form owners have received sockets for pupils and the dog forages.

the Best dogs of this exhibition are awarded by honourable cups:

the American cocker (Khabarovsk);

Chau - chau (Khabarovsk);

Fox - a terrier (Vladivostok);

Shelley (Khabarovsk).

- Last from them - the best representative of the breed acted in a class of veterans. To this dog shelli eight and a half years, - are continued by Svetlana Titov. - it would Seem, at such age the dog has received so high award! But in this case it bears that young individuals shelli are not allocated with quality.

the Best representatives of the breeds got out from most statnyh, beautiful both healthy cables and a bough. Each winner in the group has received one of following titles at an exhibition: the Young champion the Champion of Russia Champion RKF . Well and those who dream of a canine friend have chosen, at whom to get the pupil.