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Your personal SOBR

very often attempt to put or remove the car from protection to include autostart comes to grief because the car is on remote parking. Thus you even cannot imagine that to it occurs. Developers SOBR assert that their device is capable to solve all these problems.

Technically system SOBR represents GSM - the module which can be connected practically to any regular alarm system or to establish, as the independent autoalarm system. The basic difference consists that SOBR reports to the owner about everything that occurs to car. Thanks to the special gauge of an inclination, the car will feel lifting by a jack for the purpose of theft of wheels or attempt of transportation by means of the wrecker.

the Information arrives on a cellular telephone of the owner and if it is disconnected - that on two additional numbers (probably, city).

the Built in microphone gives the chance to listen to car salon.


As it is known, the most widespread places of stealings of motor transport - parkings before large trading - the entertaining centres. a pager back coupling thus can it is quite very quiet zummerit where - nibud in a pocket of the outer clothing which has been handed over in clothes, and can and be silent at all. The mobile phone opposite - everyone tries to keep around. SOBR - GSM works on GSM - to the channel, in on - line a mode providing communication of the car with the owner.


If by the car it is established SOBR - GSM, it is possible to give it easy to robbers, and in half-minute, having made the necessary team from a mobile phone or any other phone, simply to block the engine of the Porshe or Lexus, having deprived of malefactors of the further movement. Or by means of a microphone entering into the complete set to listen to everything that occurs during this moment in car salon, receiving the information on plans of predators and a route of their movement.


Autowreckers with the employee of traffic police onboard appear unexpectedly and operate quickly. SOBR - GSM - one of few systems equipped with the gauge of measurement of position and an inclination. The system will send the notification and will allow you to arrive immediately to the car and to solve a question on a place. The same function is useful in a case when your car try razukomplektovat - for example, to remove wheels.

the COLD
By your car the alarm system with function of autostart of the engine is established? Well - means, in the winter the salon is always heated-up. And by means of new system SOBR - GSM it is possible to program start time. If it is necessary, it is possible to get the car upon . SOBR - GSM will allow you to contact car and will provide management of autostart of the engine or a prestarting heater from any distance at any time.


system SOBR Installation - GSM is carried out in the most remote and remote places of a body. If the car thief decides to disconnect SOBR - GSM, simply having thrown off plugs from the accumulator it is waited by an unpleasant surprise: the module is equipped by the independent accumulator and is capable to do without long time additional charge.

For   Works SOBR - GSM are necessary for getting SIM - a map of any telecommunications operator, thus it is necessary to choose the tariff without a monthly fee. Means will be spent only when the system calls to you or sends SMS.

If you technical questions you can call under number of the Free Hot line interest: 8 - 800 - 100 - 01 - 09   http:// www. sobr. ru/

the General distributor in territory of Russia and the CIS countries the Company the Automaster
Ph.: 8(383) 220 - 70 - 01, 220 - 63 - 18, 220 - 75 - 37
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