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On May feasts in Volgograd will include fountains

the City authorities have promised that in the beginning of May fountains in streets and parks will hammer at the full capacity. However, the big and beautiful fountains which it is not a shame to visitors to show, at us times two - and obchelsja. In total in a city about 30 beating sources, but many of them endure a decline of the career. Already it is a lot of years lifeless there are smart fountains with sports Palace, in a Japanese garden at NETa. Is some more small, which private traders have built about cafes. To look pleasantly, but pride of a city you will not name.

- And I will necessarily bathe in the summer!
a photo: Gennady BISENOV

Soon should complete a fountain in park on street 8 - j Air Army in Dzerzhinsk area, to restore at a museum - panoramas Stalingradsky fight in the street Kirov a fountain plan to destroy and on its place to construct three new. In administration of Krasnoarmejsky area have told that on the prospectus of Heroes of Stalingrada between stops Stalingradsky and the Cinema Anniversary soon will appear a little small fontanchikov.

Competent opinion
Andrey BORDASHOV, the manager on sales of the equipment for fountains:

- To city measures - millionnika Volgograd is poor on fountains. It is necessary to build still. Fountains raise humidity in summer city heat and decorate streets. Money for it should allocate the authorities therefore as investors you will not wait - they build that the profit makes. And fountains though please an eye, but for viewing money will not take.

Where in Volgograd will earn fountains

it is comparable?

How much fountains in other cities
Moscow - 270
Samara - 12
Rostov - 30
Saratov - 11
Perm - 2
Vladimir - 13

to Put a modest small fountain costs from 20 thousand roubles.
and here a fountain of city value as on the area Soviet, will manage approximately in 1 million roubles!

the QUESTION of DAY - Volgograd

According to the psychologists, streaming water raises mood and gives vivacity. From here a question: And to you that the mood lifts?
Sergey of HAY, the restorer:
- And me the mood very strongly lifts, when from the autumn sky sypjatsja the first flakes of snow. It is typical Petersburg weather, and it very much does not suffice me. And still I like to leave in boundless Volga steppe. As tells Grishkovets, you feel that you stand on a planet.

Zynaida SHUH, the chairman of regional committee on protection of the rights of consumers:
- the First - weather. The sun shines, and on a shower becomes more light. The second - when in a family all are healthy. The third - work when you feel that has managed to help something to people. The fourth - a summer residence, fresh air and work therapy.

Nina GOLUBEVA, the theatre director - studios of dolls Kolobok :
- And me the children`s laughter cheers up. Know, this huge happiness when you hear a modulating children`s voice, and after performance with aspiration: Thanks .

Inna FLJAZHENKOVA, the pictorialist:
- Dialogue with pleasant to me people and absence of dialogue with unpleasant. It is cheered up if I casually meet the old friend or the girlfriend. So a lot of time leaves for work what to see friends is present happiness! Let`s rejoice each other!

Marina prohvatilova, student VolGu:
- the Sea, discos and the bright summer sun. So it would be desirable to have a rest, and on a nose session! It spoils all raspberry.

Evgenie HRJAMOV, the chief of department of crediting of bank:
- Money and career growth! Learnt us in the childhood, what not in money happiness. And after all believed. And adult life proves the return!

Elena TARASOVA, the worker of firm on rendering of ritual services:
- And me delivers pleasure to re-read Kafka on work.

Maxim of notches, 5 years:
- Toys and sweets. Krashenye eggs and tasty Easter cakes.