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the Temple, scope and beauty, is directed in heavens, grey buildings the landscape clarifies. Gold, Belief praise, domes have blossomed, their stately kind impresses!
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6 numbers for parental day on the bridge Volga has lighted up, aside moskovki there was a stopper. Drivers have reacted quickly. A fire have extinguished for some seconds. The car has suffered only. Maxim      

the Miracle - shop conditions: clean heating - so more area of rent; from ventilation doors work only; we Work daily. You take the day off - the penalty. To what limit can save on sellers, their health and the salary?
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Tomorrow, 12. 05. In 14 - 00 on the area before the Left-bank market sostoitsja meeting. Again disperse people from shops.
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Since May, 6th gazelisty demand for journey of 11 roubles
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Omichi love the city, do not throw garbage anywhere as it Conductors of the bus do 49 route 796
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I I can go by transport any kind, but the rights are not present also money for training are not present! What to do I do not know, and so hunting
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the Rector of one Omsk University has deprived of students and employees of constitutional laws
1 - access to the information - does not put in hostels the teleaerial
2 - interferes with private life - the visitor can be in a hostel only two hours
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Today during a dinner we have got yesterday the bought sausage, proizvedenym a meat-packing plant ***** ***** . Sausage the boiled SOUTHERN. It has been burst, on it there were holes and it had a yellowish colour and exudes a specific smell. Well, and where checks of Rospotrebnadzora in supermarkets in meat departments!!!?
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