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In Yaroslavl businessmen pay out the wages a black cash

Ignorance of the labour legislation - the most widespread reason of conflicts on manufacture. A leah it is known to you, for example, that office workers should to pass every year obligatory physical examinations? Or what the distance between desktops should be not less than 2 metres, and the area of one workplace makes not less than 6 sq. m? Under the law duration of working hours should not exceed 120 hours per year, and per the days off us can involve for work only from our written approval. If your rights are broken, it is possible to be converted behind the help into the state inspection on work of Yaroslavl region.

Promised more than have paid  

- Me have told: go, work. And when pay term has approached, have given out the sum less than that about which agreed. With the order on employment at all have not acquainted.

Nikolay Tuganov, the manager.

It is a typical situation of unfair behaviour of the employer. At employment he has been obliged to conclude the labour contract where the size of a salary is accurately registered. In this case   it is possible to demand the promised. At the oral arrangement it will be rather difficult to prove, the chief how much has underpaid.

- If we will see obvious infringements a conflict situation we can resolve in the documentation, - the head of the state inspection on work of Yaroslavl region Evgenie Maslennikov is assured. - otherwise it is necessary to understand court.  

the Pregnant woman worked behind the computer

- has some years ago got a job the programmer. Up to a birth of the child did not leave the workplace because I like that I do. My chief always paid 2300 roubles through cash desk, and other money gave in an envelope. But now, being in a maternity leave, I receive pennies.

Anna of Sokolov.

the Employer pays the minimum size of a salary to avoid tax deductions. For the employee of firm it was not a problem while it did not leave in the decree.      

In inspection on work such affairs too are considered. Besides, the special commission at the governor on legalisation of tax base is now created. So, paying out the wages a black cash employers risk to receive problems with the power. Or even with Office of Public Prosecutor.

In a case with Anna there is one more rough infringement. The pregnant woman had the right to refuse work behind the computer and to demand to give it other premise, not to receive a dose of harmful radiation.

It is rare where is observed. The employer can tell that it does not have other workplace, - Evgenie Maslennikov has commented. - and, unfortunately, such complaints to us do not arrive at all.

Have detained the salary for a month

- Here 40 years I work on one of bakeries of Yaroslavl. Half a year all last a pay detain on two weeks, and even for a month. Has decided to go on leave, and here have deceived: has received money only after holiday.

Anastas Petrov, the baker.

Under the Labour code the salary should be paid not less often than everyone half-month. A holiday money - for three days prior to the beginning of holiday.

- Principal causes of inopportuneness of payments - absence of money resources on settlement accounts, - are told by Evgenie Maslennikov. -   Anastas Petrov it can be converted to us. On     the head it will be imposed the penalty, and the salary on request of inspectors to it will pay.


Where to be converted

the State inspection on work of Yaroslavl region: Yaroslavl,   Freedom street, 62, from 9 o`clock till 12 o`clock or from 14 o`clock till 17 o`clock.

hot line Phones: (4852 45 - 86 - 07, 45 - 84 - 11.


And you faced infringement of the rights on work?

Irina Smirnova, the seller:

- Me have discharged from office when I have become pregnant.

Alexander Belov, the economist:

- My friend in militia works. When they go to the days off on stadium SHinnik to keep order, anybody in addition does not pay in it for it. And other friend - the worker at factory. It will ask to be late on a pair of clocks supposedly norm dovypolnit it is necessary. So not only that will not pay for processing also connect department on economic security: check, a leah did something for itself.

Anatoly Gribnikov, the lawyer:

- My rights nobody breaks, I the lawyer! I will tell to you more, any my relative do not offend. I all about their rights have told.

Natalia Blohina, the assistant to the deputy of municipality:

- Now me on work concern very quiveringly. And earlier my rights were not broken - probably, with the heads carried.

Anatoly   JAblochkin, director MUP JAroslavlteleset :

- I as the director of the rights of the employees do not break. As to my employers, they serious enough people, therefore by definition cannot do something illiterately from the legal point of view.

Sergey Kuritsyn, the sports commentator:

- In general I am familiar with the legislation and I consider that my rights are not broken.

Andrey, the reader of a site:

Me constantly force to work on days off. Enrages, of course, but anything I can not do! Not to leave from - for it.