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On the City Day will open Ashan also will start up a trolley bus on Garden

the Victory feast as the authorities already have started to prepare in advance for one more event - to the City Day has not had time to die down in a city. Traditionally it passes in the middle of September, and this year 259 - letie from the date of the basis of Rostov has dropped out on 20 - e number.

the Plan of preparation for this event is in details described in the decision of the mayor. So, according to this document, after carrying out of celebrations the city budget will become scanty on 2,7 million roubles. So much means will be spent for walks, and it spending money right and left sponsors who traditionally do not stint in the City Day.

the Lion`s share of budget money - one million roubles - will go on celebratory decorating of a city (by the way, to a feast Rostov will be decorated with new thematic sculptures). The others will be distributed under various articles of the expense.
Within the limits of City Day commemorating in Rostov it is planned to open 77 objects, among which pool on street 339 - j the Shooting Division, trading - an entertainment complex the Seventh continent a hypermarket Ashan new polyclinics and kindergartens.

In plans also a rerun Northern water water, reconstruction svetomuzykalnogo a fountain on Big Garden, building almost 700 thousand square metres of habitation, expansion of a telephone system and many other objects.

regional festivals, city gala - a concert " become the Central events of a feast on September, 20th; Young rostovchane - to a favourite city in park Bitter, an exhibition Rostov - Hospitable - 2008 a feast Rostov - multinational on quay of Don, gala - a concert with participation of a star of the Russian platform and fireworks on the Theatre square.

But also, the innumerable number of concerts and competitions for all tastes is prepared: city competition of talented youth the Best students of 2008 city competition on the best youth and children`s variety project Stars of Rostov city competition on a rank the Best house, street, children`s and sports platforms city competition of barmen, a feast of twin-cities...

From novelties this year - nostalgic travel on the heart of Rostov: on September, 20th and 21 on Big Garden the excursion trolley bus will ply. We will sweep!

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