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Rostovchanka saw in the sky over the UFO city

on May, 12th
on April, 29th on old style

In Russia the Don Cossacks consisting of fluent serfs are based. Pioneer settlements were issued between Azov and the river the She-bear.

Taganrog voevode news that stirrings of Cossacks which are dissatisfied with its autocratic actions have begun has come.

Rebelled under the direction of Kondratija of the Bulavin Cossacks have grasped an administrative centre of the Don Cossacks of Cherkassk.

Russian flotilla has besieged Azov.


Marina Tsvetaeva Sergey Efron`s Husband has written to the friend from Novocherkassk that the white army is broken,

and it has lost touch with a family.

In Rostov there has passed all-Union meeting concerning education and cultural building among Greeks of the USSR.

the Rostov newspaper has written that rostovchanka Maria Utkin saw in the sky over a city of UFO in the form of a bird.

To Rostov from Kaspijska are delivered 8 persons who have got wounds during explosion on celebratory procession in a Victory Day.

Julia BANISHEVSKY Has prepared.

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