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The journalist has found the grandfather through the Internet

It is the registration form of the prisoner of war. Such Simeon Jastrebov has got in 1942 to hands of fascists. It is a unique card which was saved in a family of Jastrebovyh.
the Photo from a site http:// www. old - memorial. ru/

On the computer screen the old was loaded is black - a white photo of my grandfather Simeon. The grandfather whom I never knew: he was missing at the front, 66 years ago.

When it has left on front, houses remained the wife and eight children. In 1942 the family has received the notice from front: was missing. And the fellow countryman who has come back from war - the brother-soldier has told to my grandmother that grandfather Simeon has sunk:

is was near Kerch, - he assured. - during a respite I have gone to search for fresh water, and it with other soldiers remained near a fire. When has returned, on a place there was already an ashes, a part of bodies floated in water. Seeds anywhere were not

All 66 years my relatives have been assured that it was lost in Crimea in 1942

Hundred thousand soldiers on one site

Some years ago the president has instructed to translate archival documents on the soldiers who were lost in the Great Patriotic War, in an electronic kind. So there was a site http:// www. obd - memorial. ru/. In April of this year it have filled up and have updated. Here hundred thousand destinies. They are collected in documents: these are reports on losses which have been made already after fights, page of hospital magazines.

I have hammered in a name and a surname of the grandfather Into the column of search - Simeon Romanovich Jastrebov. And the system has given out me the card of the prisoner of war made in German. Capture place - Kerch. Fascists have taken away my grandfather in a concentration camp of Lansdorf that in territory of Poland. There it was more year,   and has died of hunger in an infirmary. In   to the German registration form its photo with number of the prisoner of war,   was saved; the archival document has embodied its sight from terrible 1942.

Unfortunately, not all its children have waited this moment of the true, some have already died. But its photo will be stored now by us, its grandsons. We were born in safe the seventieth, but war unexpectedly strongly rezanula on heart
Where still there is an information

Except incorporated system on the Internet there are other resources.

the Site of Soldiers. Ru http:// www. soldat. ru/

As this site was created by archivists from the Arkhangelsk region there it is possible to find out the data on warriors of the Karelian front, and also those soldiers who were called from these areas. On a site forms - questionnaires are placed, it is possible to issue inquiry in archives. There are results of work of searchers. (They find remains of soldiers on places of battles, open their medallions and publish surnames. - a comment red.) . Where - that is found even by photos with notes to native.
a site Winners   http:// www. pobediteli. ru/

Here it is possible to find surnames of nowadays well veterans. The site is going to let out by May, 9th a disk with surnames of veterans, with maps of operations and other information. What for it is necessary? Knowing military unit names where the relative ministered, it is possible to look at its fighting way, to establish brother-soldiers. Suddenly they remember your grandfather? However, to ask them   it will be difficult. After all there there are no addresses and phones. But it will be possible to establish connection through Councils of veterans.

Memory Books

In all areas have been published Memory Books. It is possible to find the data in them about the participant of war which were saved in military registration and enlistment offices.


Military documents till 1918

Russian state military - historical archive (RGVIA):
the address: 105005, Moscow, 2 - I Baumansky street, 3.
bodies.: (095 261 - 20 - 70, a reading room - 267 - 44 - 62.
a fax: (095 267 - 18 - 66.
e - a mail: rgviarchives@mtu - net. ru

with 1918 for 1941, and also trophy documents and materials on prisoners of war and interned in days of the Second World War  

the Russian state military archive (RGVA):
the address: 125212, Moscow, Admirala Makarova street, 29.
bodies.: (095 159 - 80 - 91, a reading room 159 - 85 - 23.
a fax: (095 159 - 85 - 04, 159 - 80 - 91.
e - a mail: rgvarchive@mtu - net. ru

Documents of times of the Great Patriotic War

the Central archive of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation (TSAMO the Russian Federation):
the address: 142100, Moscow Region, Podolsk, street of Kirov, 74.
bodies.: 715 - 90 - 05, 715 - 90 - 33.
a reading room - (0967 52 - 76 - 68.

P. S. If your case especial, call in Federal archival service of Russia (Rosarhiv):
the address: 103132, Moscow, street Ilyinka, 12.
bodies.: (095 206 - 35 - 31, 206 - 37 - 70, 206 - 27 - 85.
a fax: (095 206 - 55 - 87.
e - a mail: kinarh@online. ru
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