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Phone and the Internet it is possible to connect all for 900 roubles!

about payments and tariffs

- Good afternoon! To us recently have established wire phone, and it would be desirable to learn from the representative VolgaTelekom where it is possible to pay bills for its use - a leah only in branches VolgaTelekom ? Or, maybe, you accept payments in system terminals pay on the way which are established in many shopping centres? And more a question - a leah it is possible to put on the bill the certain sum and to utter it, how at cellular operators (at us time system of payment)? Thanks! Yours faithfully, Svetlana Mihajlovna, Samara.

- you can pay Open Society services VolgaTelekom and in branches of our company, and in other payment systems. For today quantity of points of reception of payments for Open Society services VolgaTelekom exceeds 3,5 thousand. Here branches and cash dispenses of the Savings Bank, mail service branch, bank " enter; Solidarity Volgo - Kamsky bank, Gazbank, Rosselhozbank, bank Potential bank AK the LEOPARD numerous payment systems: Cyberpayments, NCC, One touching Free cash desk cellular communication salons the Euronetwork . At Open Society fee VolgaTelekom through the given payment systems the commission is not raised. The full list of points of reception of payments is placed on our site http:// www. samara. vt. ru/

As to advance payment you can grant any sum on the personal account. Thus every month to you the bill from our company where you will see will come, how much money is written off last month, and thus to supervise expenses on a telecommunication service.

- I for the summer   I leave on a summer residence and would like to learn, how much is transition from a licence fee on constant tariffing and then in the autumn - back. How it to make? Elena Grigoriev.

- tariff plan Change on services of local telecommunication is made for subscribers - physical persons free of charge. Change the tariff plan you can, having converted into user`s sector in a residence or distantsionno, having called from a home telephone number on special number 8 - 800 - 707 - 33 - 33. Connection not tarifitsiruetsja. Also you can change the tariff plan to services of local telecommunication through service the Private office on our site http:// www. samara. vt. ru/.

- In the end of 2007 in all mass-media the information on the government decision   has been published; licence fee decrease on 1/ 3 since February, 2008. An April, and changes of the price are not present. Why? Galina Triseeva.

- In the order of Federal Agency of tariffs and in messages of mass-media it is a question of decrease limiting, that is the maximum tariffs for unlimited volume of local telephone connections at the tariff plan with user`s system of payment which the telecommunications operator can apply.   Open Society tariffs VolgaTelekom under the limitless tariff plan have initially been established considerably below limiting and after marginal level decrease on - former continue to remain below limiting on 16 roubles.

- I always pay for phone in advance and sometimes I call on an intercity. Earlier the receipt was one, and now it is necessary to go in two offices.   what for it is made, a leah it is impossible to pay in one place? Olga Mihajlovna.

- it is not absolutely clear, about what two offices you speak. Really, since 2006 long-distance and international negotiations are paid for a separate abacus, but in one place. And you can pay services of local telecommunication, and service of a long-distance communication in branches of the Samara branch of Open Society VolgaTelekom in mail service branches, branches of the Savings Bank, bank Solidarity Volgo - Kamsky bank, Gazbanka, Rosselhozbanka, bank Potential bank AK the LEOPARD numerous payment systems: Cyberpayments, NCC, One touching Free cash desk cellular communication salons the Euronetwork without commission collection.

Quantity of points of fee of Open Society VolgaTelekom exceeds 3,5 thousand.

About the Internet

- At present I use for Internet connection by the modem. A leah it is possible for me to put the allocated line of the Internet and how much it will cost? Automatic telephone exchange - 925, Privolzhsky mkrn. Yours faithfully, Vladimir.

- We can offer you access to a network the Internet on technology ADSL under trade mark J. Feature and difference of technology ADSL from all other variants of access consists that connection occurs on already existing telephone line, but thus phone always remains is free. That is you can speak simultaneously by phone and be in the Internet. Thus connection speed can reach 8 Mbit/ with (it much more, than at usual switched access). You can work with any sites, quickly pump over the big documents and files, to work from multimedia, to receive and send electronic mail in real time, to participate in video conferences and multiuser online - games.

For today J - the Internet have chosen already more than 60 thousand users of the Samara region. We offer some tariff plans for subscribers J, including limitless tariffs with a speed from 64 to 512 kbit/ with which now enjoy wide popularity. Connection cost to J - to the Internet varies from 350 to 700 rbl. depending on necessity of departure to you of our expert. And on a new ruler of limitless tariff plans Drive connection cost is included in a monthly fee for the first month at independent connection.

For specification of possibility of connection J - the Internet you can be converted on bodies.: (846 33 - 77 - 000, 8 - 800 - 707 - 65 - 05 or to check up presence of technical possibility on a site http:// www. samara. vt. ru/. About J - the Internet and all tariff plans you can receive the Detail information to the address: http:// www. jdsl. ru/.

- When it is planned to spend the Internet in village Top Podstepnovka? Here it is a lot of interested persons to it to be connected. Elena Ahatova.

- At present I cannot name to you exact terms of occurrence of the wire Internet in Top Podstepnovke. But I can offer the alternative decision - access to the Internet on a cellular communication network the Martin . A cellular communication network the Martin works on technology CDMA. The Mobile phone of standard CDMA450 provides access to the Internet for the speed to 153 kbit/ with. The Detail information about a network the Martin you can receive by phone (846 265 - 65 - 65 or on our site http:// www. samara. vt. ru/.

- We have moved recently to settlement Strojkeramika and have connected stationary phone VolgaTelekom (997). But, it appears, the automatic telephone exchange in settlement does not support the fast Internet. When connection of the given option and other modern services will be possible?

- Possibility of the organisation of the site of access to the Internet in settlement Strojkeramika is now studied. I think that in the near future inhabitants of Strojkeramiki can be connected to the Internet on technology ADSL.

About help

- Recently has tried to phone on help 09 at 11 o`clock in the evening, and there to me have suggested to use any automatic help. What is this an innovation and how it to use? What phones are in this automatic help? Galina Ostapenko.

- it is valid, since April of this year for subscribers of Samara in pre-production operation the automatic help service " is started; 09 with voice recognition system. Now, having converted into help service 09 with 22. 00 to 8. 00, inhabitants of Samara can receive the information on their interesting phone numbers in an automatic mode, without waiting the answer of the operator. For this purpose, having typed 09 and having heard to salution, it is necessary to say a word the INQUIRY and further to follow instructions of the speech menu.

By means of automatic help service 09 the Samara branch of Open Society VolgaTelekom it is possible to learn numbers of most socially significant and demanded phones: emergency services of Samara (a heating system, the electric system, a gas economy, a water canal); services of the emergency help (GO and CHS, saving and fire services, about check in of accidents, about ritual services); Law-enforcement bodies (militia, car inspection); help services of railway station, road service station, the airport, river station; phones of authorities, medical institutions. We hope that new modern service of help service 09 becomes the convenient assistant for inhabitants of Samara.

About connection

- Hello! Our family has moved to apartment in which there was phone earlier, but former owners have taken away it with themselves. In help to us have told what connect phone again can only in the presence of technical possibility. On what this technical possibility depends, after all the wire - that in apartment already is? And more - a leah it is possible to connect simultaneously with phone on an old wire the Internet or it will demand additional expenses? Thanks. Inna.

- Presence of technical possibility for installation of telephones to your apartment provides that there is a free linear capacity in the main, distributive telephone cables of communication in a direction from operating automatic telephone exchange to your house or an entrance and vacant rooms on automatic telephone exchange. If technical possibility of installation of phone to your address is, you can connect and the Internet on technology ADSL. For specification of technical possibility of connection of phone and the Internet you need to be converted into the central sales department to the address: Samara, street Field, 43, or in a sales department in a residence. Specify the address of your sales department you can on ph. 069. If you live not in Samara you need to be converted into branch of the Samara branch of the company VolgaTelekom in your settlement.

- I by phone am called by hooligans and are silent. A leah is possible service of the permission of entering numbers, i.e. What I will name, and the others to forbid? Olga Valentinovna.

- In such cases I always recommend to be converted into law-enforcement bodies for the purpose of revealing of persons which cause to our subscribers similar inconveniences.

- a leah Can put wire phone in apartment not the owner of habitation or it is necessary the statement from the owner of apartment? I live at relatives, but they have temporarily left a city. Marina Ovsyannikov.

- According to operating Rules of rendering of services of telecommunication the telecommunications operator can establish phone to the citizen to the address of a place of residence specified in the passport; in its premises on the property rights or in the rented premises.

- We have bought apartment in a new building, nearby the Collosseo . The house is not handed over yet completely and is not completely populated, but people there live. How it is possible to spend to itself stationary phone? Or we should wait, while telefonizirujut all house? Where to be converted with the statement and who should do it? And a leah is a difference, is formed TSZH or not? In advance many thanks for the answer. Elena.

- I ask you to call by phone (846 337 - 53 - 64, to inform your exact address, and we will try to help you.

About coupled phones

- Prompt how to remove phone with blokiratora? Very difficultly where - that to phone, once two hours could not call fast . We wrote the application, but to sense are not present. Anna Fedorkina, ph. 951-....

- Unfortunately, from - for absence of free linear capacity in your area we now cannot switch you to a separate line. However we plan to replace within the next several years automatic telephone exchange - 951 with the modern equipment and to switch all so-called coupled subscribers to the individual scheme of inclusion.

- I live in Komsomol area of Tolyatti, (automatic telephone exchange number 24), at me the phone coupled to neighbours. It is said that our automatic telephone exchange is modernised also by phones it will be possible to separate. How it to make and how much it will cost? A leah it will be necessary to renew the contract? For whom there will be old number? A leah any privileges to pensioners rely? Larissa Stepanovna, Tolyatti.

- it is valid, now in Tolyatti we conduct works on replacement of the out-of-date equipment by digital telephone exchanges. Your automatic telephone exchange - 24, and also automatic telephone exchanges - 35, - 37 and - 39 are already switched on figure . Thus the subscribers connected under the coupled scheme of inclusion, will be switched to individual lines. For clients of the Samara branch VolgaTelekom similar switching is spent free of charge as occurs at the initiative of telecommunications operator. We try to save operating phone numbers to subscribers and only in cases when switching with number replacement is carried out, we inform the subscribers on new phone number at least for 60 days. The modern digital equipment established VolgaTelekom in Tolyatti, allows to use quality telecommunication and high speed access to the Internet. Besides, subscribers of new automatic telephone exchanges can use a full complex of additional kinds of the service given by digital telephone exchanges: a temporary interdiction for entering calls, the notification message about an entering call, readdressing and others. As to privileges since January, 1st, 2005 in territory of the Russian Federation all citizens pay a telecommunication service in full.

About employees of communication

- We have sold apartment with phone from VolgaTelekom now we want to put phone to the new address. If   we had an inquiry that we were subscribers now to us would make preferential connection. But as we have already left apartment, to us such inquiry do not give. Actions of employees " are how much lawful; VolgaTelekom ? Elena Ahatova.

- According to operating Rules of rendering of services of telecommunication the telecommunications operator can offer in the presence of technical possibility to the subscriber service in phone switching on the new address of a place of residence, including number replacement, under an indispensable condition of giving by the subscriber of the statement before the termination at the subscriber of the right of possession and using telefonizirovannym a premise. The inquiry stands out to the subscriber only in cases of its moving to other settlement where also renders telecommunication services the given telecommunications operator. Therefore actions of employees of our company in your case are lawful.

At the moment the tariff for access granting to a telephone system makes for inhabitants of cities of 2500 roubles. And if you together with phone still connect also the Internet in this case you pay only 900 roubles but provided that you will make it till June, 30th. Till this day at us the special action operates.

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