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On the Central quay of Volgograd has deluged attractions

the Water level in Volga increases. On   the Central quay has deluged the bottom terrace together with park of attractions. Under water there were the railway, roundabouts, autodrome... Metal designs, the majority from which works from an electricity, here some days stand knee-deep in water.

On the Central quay of Volgograd has deluged attractions.

- We with children here constantly went for a drive, - Marina Yevseyev tells volgogradka, - but now at all I do not know, how much it is safe. On - good, roundabouts needed to be cleaned in a dry place. They after all and winter here decay, now here in water rust. And it after all difficult designs on which life of our children depends. Suddenly, boltik will rust, conducting will close

-   For security of attractions their owners should respond. When water will fall down, they will be obliged to check up a technical status of these cars. And, if it is necessary, to repair them or to replace on new, - Marina HATSENKO has told to us the chairman of city committee on protection of the rights of consumers.