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The post card of the master of sports of the international class on equestrian sport of Ljubovi Kochetovoj

Dear colleagues on equestrian sport!

First of all it would be desirable to congratulate you on feasts on May, 1st and a Victory Day, and also with the termination of the Olympic race - 2008.

konnikam the countries hardly it was necessary to All in the past Olympic cycle. For the financial reasons the European championship - 2005 which should pass in Moscow has been excellent. Have not taken place traditional konno - sports competitions on the Cup of the mayor. Last year has prematurely died the Great master, the equestrian - a legend and the perfect person Elena Petushkova.

But, despite the minimum investments into development of equestrian sport from political and economic elite of the country, Russian konkuristy have reached serious break. In particular, for the first time for many years the team of Russia has with its full complement acted in the European championship on konkuru in Manhajme. Not last role in it that at last - that at us in the country have appeared konkurnye high-class horses has played.   following the results of the Olympic race at once our four horsemen have satisfied a condition of individual qualification on the Olympic Games - 2008. Now the presidium of Federation of equestrian sport of Russia should choose   the two best which can is efficient to defend honour of our country in the most elite Olympic sport.

From the prize-winning money and incomes of business today I sponsor veterans of equestrian sport and about 1000 children - invalids of the Samara region. Further I am ready to bring the personal contribution to development konkura during a following Olympic cycle.

1. To create a prize fund for awarding   members of a national team for achievements in the Cup of the nations - over five millions roubles.

2. For qualitative preparation of a national team on konkuru to the World championship - 2010 and the Olympic Games - 2012 to construct modern konno - the sports training centre to spring of 2009.

3. To Assist at a rate of 100 thousand dollars to the All-Russia bank of development of regions in the organisation of the Cup of nations CSIO4* - 5* in Moscow, since 2009 (aviacharter for horses of the leading countries of the world in konkure).

4. To give all support Russian konkuristam on participation in the international horse competitions in Europe and America.

Unfortunately, aristocrats who consider as the debt to develop equestrian sport, in Russia while are not present (except for only A.Oruzheva). Us - federated members of equestrian sport of Russia - only 800 persons. It in hundreds times is less, than boxers and hot admirers of power single combats only in one Samara region. I suggest all to protect and appreciate each other for the blessing of a survival and development of equestrian sport of Russia.

In case of the statement of my nominee Presidium FKSR on May, 23rd, 2008 on participation in the Peking Olympic Games - 2008 on konkuru I promise uncompromising struggle to finish all the days long the Olympic competitions and I put for myself aim to improve the result shown in a cup-final of the world - 2006 (19 - e a place in the world).

Yours faithfully and love,
Ljubov Kochetova.
on May, 1st, 2008


Inna BARIL, the chairman of city public organisation of invalids SOOVOI:

- Presently not so it is a lot of interested persons to help sick children. Thanks to Love Kochetovoj who is always ready to support us, on May feasts all lying children - invalids of Samara have received as a gift fruit. Now we can do it monthly. And by June, 1st, day of protection of children, we plan to take out about 300 children to an aquapark and Crazy park.



the Master of sports of the international class on equestrian sport.

Represents Russia at prestigious international competitions. Now is one of four applicants for participation in the Olympic Games - 2008 in Beijing on konkuru (competition on overcoming of obstacles).

Together with husband Edward owns vegetable bases in Kirovsk area of Samara. The obtained means go on philanthropy and support of equestrian sport in our country.