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In Novosibirsk has passed a feast in honour of the International day of a family

the Big feast has passed on May, 15th in Novosibirsk park Central . This day in park finalists of city competition " have gathered; the Family - 2008 - about 40 families recognised by best - winners of regional competitions. Mums and fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers, at first have passed parade on park avenues, and then they were expected by every possible cheerful competitions which have defined best of the best.

Families - konkursanty have passed many various tests for ways to victory - sports, creative, intellectual. For them the fascinating program including such competitions, as " is prepared; Fathers - good fellows! Eh, mummies! super - the Grandfather! here it is the grandmother! and others. On their results the winners who have received valuable prizes and gifts also have been awarded.

Grandmothers had to rise on start with koromyslom and buckets and to participate in creative competition the Family tree . To mums - to be engaged general by cleaning and to do a doll by ancient Russian tradition - without a needle, only by means of rags, threads and a band. The great interest spectators was called by competitions of grandfathers and fathers. Grandfathers went for a drive on a skateboard and shot from an air rifle, prepared hand-made articles from a paper for the grandsons. And fathers ran behind products for all family also learnt to braid plaits to the daughters. In a word, pleasure have received both participants of competitions, and spectators.

Following the results of all competitions of a rank the Best mum Tatyana Gennadevna Shodik (May Day area) is awarded; the Best father - Anatoly Aleksandrovich Bulychov (the Soviet area); the Best grandmother - Nadezhda Ivanovna Ushakov (Lenin area); the Best grandfather - Nikolay Ignatevich Korchmit (the Kirov area). Winners of city competition have received prizes from the mayor - TVs and other home appliances.

However the program of a feast was not settled by it. Supported competing creative collectives of Novosibirsk, for children have passed games and quizes, also in park every possible exhibitions and competitions were held. Organizers have not forgotten and about spectators - for them draw of prizes from the mayor of Novosibirsk has been spent. And the digital videocamera became a superprize.

in general, the feast became the big city event, but on it the actions devoted to Year of the Family, do not come to an end. In a current of year novosibirtsev bright events and feasts wait many.