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Museum « the Tula antiquities » has celebrated the anniversary on excavation in the centre of Tula

Today in the city centre, on the area near the Cathedral of the Dormition, the Tula archeologists suited the present feast. A museum “ the Tula antiquities “ marks this year the 15 - letie, and in honour of it on a place where preparation for a shopping centre structure is now conducted, have arranged indicative excavation, held various competitions for schoolboys, students and not only.

competition Prizes: Banks with condensed milk, balloons and medals - crocks!
a photo: Alexey FOKIN

Participation was accepted the command of historical faculty TGPU of L.N.Tolstoy, by Military school, collective Tula ekzotariuma and museum of local lore.

Participants should pass a number comic archaeological tests: to blind from clay various figures, to draw a find part, to dig out raskolki vases and to stick together them. In the end of competitions children have been devoted in archeologists: visitors of a feast have risen, having crossed shovels, and participants have passed in the formed arch.

Besides excavation near the Cathedral of the Dormition have arranged mini - an exposition of the ancient subjects found on this place: splinters of vases, combs, coins, natelnye crosses and many other things.

Participants of competitions have for certain tested that feeling of thrill and   pride of that have found a history particle. Victory was gained by two commands: joint ύκηξςΰπθσμΰ command and museum of local lore and historical faculty TGPU of L.N.Tolstoy.

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