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Igor Larionov have ranked to great

On the eve of a semifinal match against Finns (and it has come to the end yesterday late at night) in a camp of our national team the calm before a storm was established. However sports life in the homeland of hockey continued to rage: on Thursday inclusion solemn ceremony in the Hall of hockey glory tsentrforvarda Igor Larionov has taken place. In view of that to Quebec there has arrived all family Larionovyh including wife Elena, daughters to Alena, Dajjanu and son Igor. Joyful for the Professor (so friends named Larionov) has practically coincided with tragical - 10 days ago at Igor mum has died.

- Present ceremony is a great honour to me and during this moment I would like to remember my mum, - Larionov - the senior after to the newly-baked inhabitant of the Hall of glory   has told; have been handed over sootvetsvujushchie credentials. - without it anything it would not be.

- Friends on znamenioj to the first five had time to congratulate?

- For the present is not present. But they have time. With glory of Fetisovym it is literally in an hour we leave on an indicative match, but this time we will play in different commands. I for a world national team, and it for Gazprom . And when we played together it there was indelible time. That we created that to present hockey players very difficult to repeat.

- will Wash own wine?

- Well mine the Heth - Trik and the Third Overtime in Quebec will find slozhnovato. I think we will drink champagne. Or French or American.

- That that by your words is difficult for repeating to hockey players present on forces in the future to repeat to Igor Larionov younger?

- we Will look. He at me too plays the hockey, certain successes are. Now it prepares for tournament which will be in Los - Anzhelese in 4 days, therefore we on Sunday early in the morning depart.

- Who it on role?

- As well as I a centre forward. Only if I gave more, it now hammers itself more. The main thing that is pleasant to it. It as a matter of fact is occupied all the day by hockey. It even starts to strain me a little. Because when we go on training it watches on video matches of Russian five in structure Detroit . At first it amused my vanity but when I already in the fiftieth time on am an hour and a half urged to listen to one and too my enthusiasm starts to cool down. But I fine understand that it is necessary to it, that to something will learn.

- you as - that said that if the son will want to become the hockey player to master a hockey science better in Russia.

- Now much has changed. In Russia I know much solve money and   without communications today it is difficult to talented guy to make the way. And in Los - Anzhelese where he plays at it very good trainer. It not the American, and in the past the player of Czech modular Tomash Cabbage. He knows and understands game, is able to work with children. Therefore today for Igor - younger it is better that he starts to play to the North America.

- And if it becomes the good hockey player, for what country he will play Rossiiju or America?

- At it on a broader scale - that three passports: Russian American and Canadian. So the choice is. It is difficult to make far-reaching plans. When I have come in 81 year to CSKA to me Tikhonov have told: write the application on an officer post. I did not want to connect life with army, and Victor Vasilevich convinced: At you   the pension officer will be . And in eight years Gorbachev has come, the Iron Curtain has failed and hokkkeisty have gone to earn in NHL. And now I do not know that will be through five - six years. There can be I will move to Russia to lift the Russian hockey?   While the main thing that the child grew healthy, well studied, developed correctly and reached tops of sports skill. And there we will look. He will choose. While to it that only nine years.

- And in this championship he for whom is ill?

- For ours. Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Malkin is its substitutes at present. At us all family supports Russia, only the average daughter of Dajjana supports Canadians because she in Canada was born.

- In case of the ending Russia - Canada at you in a family will begin struggle of sympathies...

- No trouble. Four persons support Russia, one for Canada. I think Russia and will win 4:1.