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Inhabitants of Komi dig out treasures in kitchen gardens

In the National museum of Komi the unique exhibition has opened - for the first time art dealers have presented general public the collection of treasures. These are the monetary treasures at various times found inhabitants of Komi and fairly passed the state. Now they in museum meeting. All them at an exhibition ten, most ancient a treasure   concerns a XVII-th century. It was found in 1951 by the summer resident from village Cheremuhovka (nowadays Priluzsky area).

- It dug the earth under a potato and has come across the coins wrapped in a sacking. The find has passed in a museum, - Svetlana Bandura has told to us the deputy director of a museum.

From those in republic have found nine more treasures. The majority of treasures too have found in the earth, were a case when coins found   in cracks between logs of old houses. It is coins XVIII, XIX, the beginnings of the XX-th centuries. The geography of finds is wide - Priluzsky, Knjazhpogostsky areas, Syktyvkar.

Exhibits strongly differ among themselves both on weight, and on the size. One weigh no more than gramme, others it is much heavier, one are similar on modern, and others are by the form even not similar to money. For example, tiny copper coins of the unusual form - in the form of a spiral. All coins on exhibitions settle down near to chests and caskets in which them have found. The sizes of some from them impress!

the Exhibition will be   to work some days.

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