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Films for the weekend. A choice of Stasa Tyrkina

Indiana Johns and a destiny temple (1984)

the Director - Stephen Spielberg

In roles: Harrison Ford, Kate Kepshou, Amrish Puri

the Second film of the well-known trilogy of Stephen Spielberg about adventures of the restless archeologist of Indiana Johns actually has led to the first - Selectors of the lost ark . The inveterate traveller is this time occupied by searches of a mysterious stone Ankara and rescue of children who have become by slaves as a result of a cult of the same name. The film is shown for the purpose of preparation of spectators for an exit of a new, fourth series about Indiana Johns. A leah becomes it the beginning of the new trilogy while it is not known.

Saturday, day, Sunday, day, TNT.

Taking away lives (2004)

the Director - DJ Caruso

In roles: Angelina Jolie, Itan Hawk

Hardly having got out of a suit of Lary Kroft, Jolie has tried on not so fitting form of FBI. In such kind (the white top, a black bottom) was possible to show to it not only the forms (at that time they were more seductive), but also actor`s abilities. A plot? Yes that a plot! Heroine Jolie helps the Canadian colleagues in search of the terrible maniac. A leah it is necessary to say, what Kiefer Sutherland plays it, as always?

Sunday, night, Russia.

the Rest of day (1993)

the Director - James Ajvori

In roles: Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson

psychologically thin drama already entered in the annals of the modern film classics.

Feelings of the laconic managing director in the house of the Victorian traditions (Hopkins) and hardly more mobile housekeeper (Thompson) cannot take place because of overzealous service of the butler. Hopkins fine shows, as in a trade of the hereditary footman is both the worthiness and considerable aristocratism. For a role of the housekeeper who have got to Emma Thompson, in due time conducted fierce struggle of Anzhelika Houston and Meril the Strip which, without having received a role, even has in a fit of temper dismissed the agent.

Sunday, night, STS.

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