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So whose all - taki Sevastopol?

the next diplomatic scandal between Russia and Ukraine from - for Crimea has begun very much even harmlessly: the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov past Sunday has arrived to Sevastopol on 225 - letie the Black Sea fleet. Simply to congratulate the Russian seamen. But already at a gangway of the plane employees of Security service of Ukraine (SBU - analogue of our FSB) have handed over to the mayor the prevention. Say, if sharp Luzhkov on language says though one Antiukrainian word, the road in nezalezhnuju to it will be reserved. Yury Mihajlovich has accepted the document. But at feast opening in Sevastopol nevertheless has not restrained. And, maybe, even to spite SBU has told:

- In 1954 Sevastopol was not included into number of those areas which Khruschev has passed Ukraine!

Say, the city as military - sea base always submitted directly to Moscow. And today should be our, Russian.

next morning when the mayor delegation has already landed in Moscow, SBU declared that entrance to Ukraine " is forbidden Luzhkov;. Yury Mihajlovich of the power in Kiev to the quick has It seems that cut. Here and Yushchenko too was upset. Also declared:

- Me interests, that the Ukrainian nation understood, it is humiliation for it.

However the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has not seen any threats of security of Ukraine in Luzhkov`s words. And it is written in the statement of ours dipvedomstva. Has supported the mayor and the State Duma.

While politicians rake scandal, has decided to find out: whose all - taki Sevastopol historically? And legally. And a leah is at us chance to return this earth? It was found out that is. And more what!


In documents on transfer of Crimea to Ukraine is not present words about Sevastopol.

the Report 41 sessions of Presidium of the Supreme body of RSFSR

on February, 5th, 1954

Considering an economy generality, territorial affinity both close economic and a cultural contact between the Crimean area and the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, the Presidium of the Supreme body of RSFSR decides:

to Pass the Crimean area from structure of RSFSR in structure of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic...

the Decision of Presidium of Supreme body USSR

on February, 13th, 1954


the Presidium of the Supreme body of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic from its part considers that transfer of Crimea to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, considering a generality of their economy, territorial affinity both close economic and a cultural contact, is quite expedient and is the certificate of boundless trust of the great Russian people to the Ukrainian people...

Have handed over without fight

on these florid documents both parties of the conflict stumble. Crimea - that was passed by Khruschev, it is exact. Leah but together with Sevastopol? After all this city even was closed. Journey - only through a check point with preliminary registration of the permission! All - taki base and a fleet staff.

This argument used also parliament of new Russia in 1993. The Supreme body of the Russian Federation then has published the decision: to recognise Sevastopol as the Russian territory. But destiny cities of Russian seamen has dared at all in Moscow, and century. New York. The United Nations Security Council recognised claims of Russia groundless, and Sevastopol - an Ukrainian. Here that has told Ruslan HASBULATOV, in 1991 - 1993 - the speaker of the Supreme body of Russia:

- the United Nations Security Council gave Sevastopol to Ukraine on the basis of the Contract on territorial integrity USSR and RSFSR of 1990. But it is the contract concluded still within the limits of the USSR. A year later this document has become invalid. Simply in 93 - m the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation of that time Andrey Kozyrev and the representative of Russia in United Nations July Vorontsov Security Council have provoked refusal across Sevastopol. They have reported in the United Nations that at us supposedly bad parliament. Therefore we ask to disavow the decision of our members of parliament.

- That is our ranks also have handed over Sevastopol?

- Certainly! But the Supreme body decision has till now validity. Nobody cancelled it. Over the document we worked the whole month, studied all system of relations of Ukraine and Russia since Rejaslavsky Are glad. Involved institutes and foreign researchers. We have proved that Crimea - primordially Russian okrainnaja territory. And in - the second that Khruschev`s decision in any way did not concern Sevastopol. We have collected the whole volume of documents!

- And where all has got to?

- Who knows...

Features of friendship

Then that then also can be challenged the decision of Security Council of the United Nations. And Sevastopol becomes Russian city. There is also a second variant. The director of Institute of the CIS countries Konstantin ZATULIN has told about it:

- already the Friendship treaty which Russia and Ukraine have concluded in 1999 Now operates - the m. On its basis is concluded and more one - about borders. That is we recognised Sevastopol as an Ukrainian. But there is a nuance. Validity expires in 2009 - m. Moreover, Ukraine aspires in the NATO - in the union which threatens security of Russia. And it, under treaty provisions, the basis for its cancellation.

So - again it will be necessary to discuss state borders and the status of Sevastopol.


Crimea - not village with serfs

the Most surprising personally for me in all this fuss with Sevastopol - a position of the Ukrainian authorities. One only the statement that Sevastopol - a city of Russian seamen they conceive in bayonets. To see, never happened in a panorama devoted to defence of a city of a XIX-th century. Also did not go on central squares, through one named in honour of Russian naval commanders. Though... The Keyword here - Russian . So, to the Ukrainian authorities it not the decree. And to spit it on history.

In the meantime in a hero town Sevastopol today live 380 thousand persons. Every second family is anyhow connected with fleet. The Black Sea fleet of Russia.   and in territory of all Crimea - hardly more than 3 million population. By the way, if Sevastopol has been based as base of Russian fleet the peninsula on a broader scale was not so long ago under Turks. 221 one year ago Crimea has beaten off... Again - taki Russian army. And that is interesting, has intoned its independent. Already then peninsula without serious consequences (!) Became a part of huge Russia.

Certainly, Khruschev and in a bad dream could not present, what sharing will begin for small area in the south of the country. But it here sovok sloppiness has strong sat down. Already present politicians do not understand that 3 million population (no less than 380 thousand) cannot be taken and copied simply, as village to serfs, from one citizenship in another. To take and force to start talking in other language, to swear the country, in which even heroes any suspicious. And, at last, to force the former Soviet seamen to look easy at disembarkation of NATO soldiers in Feodosiya.


Zavkafedroj of a constitutional law of the Moscow state institute of the international relations Yury LEJBO:

It is our territory

- To Sevastopol in 1948 has been fixed special politiko - legal status (the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme body of RSFSR from October, 29th). Thus played defining role allied submission of a city. And it follows from its purpose - to be the main base of the Black Sea fleet. According to the constitution of the USSR of 1936 military affairs were within the competence of USSR.

In texts of the decision of Presidium VS of RSFSR from February, 5th, 1954 About transfer of the Crimean area to structure USSR and also the Decree of Presidium VS of the USSR from February, 19th, 1954 on the same question the city of Sevastopol is not mentioned at all. Hence, the given documents do not mention the Decree of Presidium VS of RSFSR of 1948 and it is valid.

Russia - pravopreemnitsa the USSR. And any attempt of assignment of this right by the Ukrainian party should be swept aside as wrongful.

the Senior research assistant of Institute of world economy and the international relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences of Ekaterina TCHERKASOV:

No, a city have presented!.

- o co the USSR, Adminictrativno - oo division cox cy for July, 1st, 1967 . o the white paper prepared by department of Presidium VS of the USSR. In it two cities of republican submission of RSFSR - Moscow and Leningrad and two cities of republican submission USSR - Kiev and Sevactopol are named. Moreover, in section the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic it is separately allocated oo - o Sevastopol as a city of republican submission c 1948 .

With 1948 - go on 1954 - j Sevastopol (as well as the Crimean area) was financed RSFSR and has been allocated in the budget in the separate line. And after 1954 - go it (as well as the Crimean area) began to be financed from budget USSR. Thus, Sevastopol after 1954 has saved the status of a city of republican submission, but has changed republic to which submitted.

the Mention o Sevastopol not only has appeared in the constitution of Ukraine of 1978 (article 77 names two cities of republican submission - Kiev and Sevastopol), o and has disappeared from the Constitution of RSFSR of the same period. And all it has not met any objections co the party of allied bodies!