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Cave of the Penza hermits will blow up

175 days all country, yes that there - the whole world watched an epopee of the Penza hermits. On October, 24th, 2007 35 persons have taken cover in a cave which was dug out in a ravine near by villages Nikolsky, near Penza.
they have left there, expecting end of the world. In a role of the prophet promising fast end of the world, local unemployed Peter Kuznetsov whom recognised as deranged later acted. However, it has not gone to a cave.
the house - 2 - such associations arose recently when we had to write about that is created in Nikolsky.
at first in a cave there was a split (sideltsy argued when precisely there will come end of the world) after that small groups they rose in this world.
have then told that in a cave two corpses. Hermit Maria has died of voluntary hungry fast, and Tamara - from onkozabolevanija. Them have buried in cells, having powdered with sand...
And on the night of Friday last nine persons have risen from a cave.
on May, 15th, till the late evening, rescuers cleared away the filled up input near to that place where have buried Maria. To hermits explained supposedly the safe course for you if want to leave is dug.
and about o`clock in the morning on a ravine has approached militian an UAZ . In outer darkness it was completely not visible, who and what for has gone down in a ravine. In half an hour it became known: have got Maria`s body. It has been wrapped in a blanket, from - under which thin legs in sports trousers and krossovkah were seen. Then, under our information, have lifted Tamara`s body.
- on Monday we have passed hermits a note where it has been told that experts want to get corpses of people, - the head of Bekovsky area Vladimir provotorov has told. - They have agreed to help, if them violently not try to deduce from a cave. Also prompted to us where to dig, to reach bodies.
When have got a corpse, in village the rain has gone. Journalists have run in houses to hand over the information on sites. In a ravine remained only militia and rescuers.
it also have used sideltsy to leave, and last nine persons have left a cave. There were four mornings. Nobody expected such turn of events! After all those who was underground, accurately named date of the exit - on June, 14th.
- we have told to hermits that they can poison with ptomaine, and the summer, a heat is fast. And they have agreed to leave, - such is the official version.
hermits left silently: they and have not broken a vow of silence. All have brought in ROVD Bekovsky area to interrogate. At the moment of number signing in militia there was a family from Belarus - to them read the decision on deportation for mode infringement (we will remind, these people were without documents). The others have taken away in Nikolsky - while on houses.


Chronicle of events in village Nikolsky

on October, 24th, 2007 35 persons four from which children entering into religious group of Peter Kuznetsova, leave in a cave at village Nikolsky.

on November, 13th, 2007 to the first informs on the Penza hermits, and the whole world has started to watch their epopee.

on November, 20th, 2007 One of hermits, sister Maria, dies of hungry fast.

the Middle of March, 2008 From - for snow thawing in a cave collapses begin. Hermits refuse to leave.

one more hermit - sister Tamara on March, 25th, 2008 Dies.

on March, 28th, 2008 Seven hermits come to light after the authorities give them the permission to live in a village meeting-house Nikolsky.

on April, 1st, 2008 On a surface there is one more group of hermits led by Vitaly Nedogonom.

on April, 2nd, 2008 Find in Peter Kuznetsova`s unconsciousness. Under one version, he tried to commit suicide, having broken a head a log, on another - Peter have attacked.

on May, 16th. Last hermits leave an underground refuge.



That will be with a cave?
Within the next few days rescuers survey earthen tunnels and will check up, a leah is not present there still corpses. After that a cave will blow up. Will destroy also some caves which Vitaly Nedogona Sergey`s son has dug in the next village Vyselki. (There the left hermits were going to retire, when will be warm.)