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From a next world on this for five millions

Krasnoyarsk lawyer Vitaly Bushnin - the man that is told, in the blossoming of forces, has reflected, when it on the cellular was called by the colleague from Khakassia:

- Vitalja, you live? Thank God! And that at us here in local funeral firm thy photo costs in a mourning framework! We have solved...

- I was in shock, - Vitaly Bushnin admits. - My acquaintances in Khakassia on a counter of a little shop of ritual services on a cemetery have seen my photo on the ceramic tablet in a mourning frame. To them speak: so it is advertising, the sample for a premise on monuments, in a colour variant!

Acquaintances have made a copy of a photo and have sent to Vitaly. It has appeared, a picture - from a final university album of Bushnina. But how the photo of the live person could appear on a gravestone?!

- Usually we for advertising take from   the Internet pictures of already died Germans from foreign sites, - have opened to us commercial Secret employees of funeral bureau. - as it has turned out that took this photo, at all we do not know...

to See, someone from Vitaly`s classmates has placed a photo on the Internet.

For moral harm Vitaly is going to demand from coffin makers indemnification in five millions roubles.

For this picture for eternal memory Vitaly Bushnin (at the left) gathers for a photo strebovat from coffin makers of 5 million roubles.

- I, of course, understand that with our Russian court there will be problems. But anything, I will reach to European, - the lawyer warns.

the Advertising photo live the dead man from a little shop have cleaned. But there and then there was a new: the very young girl on just the same background of a flower glade, as well as on Vitaly`s final album. Perhaps now Vitalino a place on a counter were occupied with its classmate?

And on a broader scale, seemingly, while at us in the country the death turned absolutely to business and advertising show, nobody has noticed, how conscience has died. Recently in Krasnoyarsk another has thundered death scandal: the funeral firm has made monuments with Alexander Abdulov`s portraits and Ljubovi Orlovoj. Hardly in public favourite actors wanted to advertise after life gravestones of any Open Company That and this light . And death affairs businessmen from the indignant citizens simply waved away: a pier, after all people have already died! And in a head has not come to ask at least relatives of actors. As there was no also a thought - to check up, whose portrait put in an advertising mourning framework.

One calms: speak, the one whom in advance have buried, will live for long!