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To half of Russians does not suffice on products

Almost half of Russians on - former there is no money for meal. To such results employees " have come; Levada - the centre during the next poll.

48 % interrogated on a question a leah Suffices you incomes to support itself? have responded negatively. That is characteristic, the quantity of such people practically does not change: in 1992 as 52 % have responded.

Why? After all 92 - j it was remembered to us as year of liberalisation of the prices when in shops there was everything, but people caught at heart, looking at price lists. And now like as well as incomes constantly grow, and the number poor all time decreases...

Experts find to it a simple explanation. Yes, for 16 years to live we became better. But thus money for other blessings of a civilisation remains a little. And after all it would be desirable also to put on, and to have a rest beautifully, and the car new to buy.

It is remarkable that in 1991 for meal spent all income   30 % interrogated. In 1992 - m of those became twice more. Today this figure has, of course, decreased, but continues to remain enough unpleasant - almost all money is spent for meal by every seventh Russian (14 %).

however pleases that the quantity of Russians at which on a food leaves less than half of earnings, during public opinion monitoring (with 1991 for 2008) has essentially grown - with 6 to 18 %.