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- When mum comes home for a dinner from work, I leave at this time on the. One of these days once again, when mum had dinner at home, I have put shoes on and have left. I go for work and all I can not understand, why to me the footwear presses. Only at office has understood that has left in mum`s boots. During this moment just mum has called to learn, where its footwear and why washing remained on a threshold.



- Went to sports - a bar on a match KS - Moscow . Muzhiks sit, easy beer sip. And I shout at all bar: Yes who so plays! Follow an example with Zenith ! A goal! Lines! and thus I drink tea. Looked at me as - that strange.



- the Nine-year niece very much likes houses suit concerts, exhibitions and dances. Especially she likes to show the cat`s circus, for this purpose it has all necessary: three cats and four kittens. One of workers of circus began to spoil everywhere. It was necessary to bring it to village. The niece of half-day did not release it, cried and spoke:
- you what for take away the main circus actor from me? Where I to it will find replacement?


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