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We want to sleep in silence!

to admire the river there comes set nizhegorodtsev by cars in the evening, and in everyone music loudly plays. All this disgrace to three - four o`clock in the morning proceeds. A leah it is possible as - that to punish infringers of calmness?
Tatyana Grachev, the Nizhniy Novgorod area

responds To a question of the reader a press - the secretary Nizhniy Novgorod ROVD to Ljubov Sephanjan:

- With such infringers of calmness the militia should understand. For this purpose it is necessary to call by phone 02 and to state a problem essence. On a call the police squad, employees of private security or patrol - sentry duty leaves. They already also will understand, what points of the administrative code are broken also what punishment should follow. If night visitors not only rustled, but also drank spirits in public places to pay it it is necessary from three hundred to five hundred roubles. In a case if it is simple silence infringement, on brawlers will make the report, will send in the administrative commission. And already there it will write out the penalty at the rate from hundred to three hundred roubles.

as to us have informed in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs if suddenly to your signal have not reacted, it is necessary to approach in ROVD and to write the application. In it it is necessary to specify numbers of cars, whose owners so have devil-may-carely concerned your dream. Track, that the person on duty has registered the statement and has given out to you otryvnoj talonchik. Your divisional will be engaged in this business. The situation and has not changed? Call in service of own security at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs by phones 431 - 65 - 10 or 431 - 65 - 14. There will precisely understand with inactivity of law enforcement bodies.