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Where to find the children`s allergist?

considering that now every second child suffers affliction from this illness, on an appointment we will get only in three weeks. A leah is any rules in which it would be specified, what experts necessarily should be in each polyclinic?
Valentina Migunov, Kanavinsky area

As to us have explained in the Nizhniy Novgorod polyclinics, absence of some experts is connected not by that in polyclinics there are no such rates, and with elementary unwillingness of the qualified physicians to work for the low salary. There are no allergists - immunologists, gynecologists and dermato - venereologists more often. The reason is simple - these specialities use special demand in paid clinics.

the Complete list of experts which necessarily should be in each polyclinic, to us have given in children`s city polyclinic 22:

the otolaryngologist, endokrinolog, the surgeon, the cardiologist, dermato - the venereologist, the physiatrist, the logopedist, the neurologist, the gynecologist, gastroenterolog, the ophthalmologist, the epidemiologist, the allergist - the immunologist, the teenage doctor accepting pupils of average educational institutions, the expert of ultrasonic, the radiologist, the employee of laboratory, local pediatory.